5/6 Stewart victim of flu bug

Ian Stewart was the latest victim of the flu bug that’s been spreading through the Cubs clubhouse and was not available on Sunday.

“It hasn’t been a one-day thing with anybody, guys have been completely down and out,” Dale Sveum said.

Stewart was batting .196 overall, but has hit safely in five of his last eight games and driven in a run in four of his last eight. Joe Mather started at third on Sunday against the Dodgers.

How do the Cubs avoid catching whatever is going around?

“As bad as these guys have been, you try to keep them away from the ballpark,” Sveum said. “That’s hard to do when they need to get treatment and medicine. The best you can do is stay away from them, don’t shake hands or let them breathe on you. It’s a tough thing that teams go through and we’re going through it now.”

— Carrie Muskat


Huh, I can only imagine all the Soriano backers (admit it, you know who you are) when they realize even with the abysmal year Stewart is having he has out-homered the “much improved” (ha!, still laughing) Soriano TWO homers to ZERO homers and is only 3 behind Soriano in the RBI dept. Yep, gotta hand it to Soriano form improving his game to the point of….NOT WORTH KEEPING. Soriano continues to fail in most of his critical RBI at bats. I’m not expecting a grandslam everytime he is at the dish with the sacks packed (why would ANYBODY?) or even an RBI base hit, but how about a lousy sac fly or a run producing groundball out once in a while. He does not belong anywhere near the 4, 5 or 6 hole in the lineup. Who do we have to bat in his stead? No answer there but try SOMEBODY ELSE that can at least mover some runners around. Worth a shot at this point. Bruise his ego a little by putting him down in the order or bench him. He’s not getting HIS job done just like Marmol wasn’t getting HIS job done. If it’s good for Marmol it should be good for Soriano.
Aaaaaaand I’m sure we’re off to the races with this comment…..

All i got to say joey is watch the games and u will see soriano is much improved… his power will come… he is a streaky hr hitter so i am sure we will soon see one of those streaks. Weird how u r the only one who thinks soriano hasnt improved. Len and bob even talked about his improvement. But keep chirping …

Aaaaaand we’re off! Not a good day to comment on HOW MUCH SORIANO HAS IMPROVED, let me think…did he have an improved way of going o for five today? Did he teach little, light weight Tony Campana how to drive in the tying run? Is he coaching LaHair how to hit over .350. What IS weird ist that petrey thinks I am the ONLY one who thinks Soriano hasn’t improved. Here’s a bulletin for ya’ petrey: I THINK SORIANO HAS INDEED IMPROVED….and he is still BAD. We all know (oh, my EVEN Len and Bob, my goodness!) Len and Bob are saying what needs to be said about Soriano because….DUH!!!! You’re bringing the funny stuff now petrey, not chirping…LAUGHING!!! I’m sure Soriano has improved soooooo much that Hoystein will refuse to trade him if and when the time comes, after all where would this team be headed without Soriano, the one man RBI machine? That’s what all GOOD teams strive for…a STREAKY middle of the order hitter. I’m sure the Dodgers are making Kemp watch tape of Soriano and instructing him to “cut down the production a little Mat, like Soriano. Why not try going a month or two without a homer and don’t forget to swing at practically EVERY pitch out of the strike zone” BIG DUH.

During the last many months there have been two baseball geniuses who have campaigned daily for LaHair and Campana to be allowed the opportunity to play regularly. That would be Ty and my Cub brother Joey. Life is good. Where would we be without those two triple A wannabees?

Not to mention the removal of the recently DFA DeWitt. Life is good Ty and even though Campana more than likley will settle down to a .250-.270 average & LaHair will not hit near .400 the entire year they both seem to be players that contribute to the point that they would be missed if gone from the roster. Would Soriano be missed? (did he even show up today?) DeWitt certainly isn’t. We can use some more triple A wannabes, good point ty.

yeah you are right joey you probably know the game than brenly…world series champion bob brenly… I guarantee you he doesn’t say stuff just to say it. He is a great baseball mind and could careless what people think about what he says. You are stuck on past performance, soriano hasn’t been chasing pitches like he has in past years. Everyone goes 0fer once in awhile. Even your boy Mather did.

Your guarantee is as good as gold petrey. So it is wrtten, so it shall be done. A thousand pardons your majesty. Why not just guarantee everything you write and none of us need bother voicing an opinion any more. Are referring to Joe Mather who Keith Moreland stated was an above average outfielder? Maybe Moreland doesn’t know his stuff like Brenly? All this talk about how much Soriano has improved is all for show, none of the talk puts him in a GOOD class of outfielders.
Mather goes o for five, Soriano goes o for five….you’re right everyone goes o for five once in a while but Soriano is picking up the pace of failing ROUTINELY in RBI chances and normally a team will depend on their left fielder for some clutch runs.
I still believe if a multimillion dollar closer such as Marmol is demoted for not doing HIS JOB WELL so should a multi million dollar left fielder. Dolis may be given a shot at the closer’s job and I believe another player, ANY player should be given a shot at the left fielder postion. Why should failure be an option when there is nothing riding on this season? Same goes for Soto and the catchers job. I don’t know petrey, I think your in the minority on this one. Good thing my way of thinking was exhibited in center field. Byrd was failing, Byrd was removed and Campy is now at least getting an opportunity to contribute as evidenced by his bunting, base stealing, defense and surprisingly some good hitting. It’s early for Campy, I know, but the OPPORTUNITY
has arrived. Not so for LF unfortunatley, but maybe soon. I’m sure we would agree petrey if Soriano maintains this rate of “mediocrity” (I’m being nice here, like Brenly) for another month OR TWO (c’mon, ya gotta conceed two months, ritght?) Sveum may go another direction in LF as he did with Marmol????? By the way, at least you’re on record that Soriano has chased bad pitches in past years, and although he may not be chasing them at the same rate, it’s just like his defense. He was SO BAD at chasing bad pitches as he was SO BAD in the outfield that a little improvement wouldn’t be so difficult to accomplish. With your permission sire petrey, of course.

im not saying Soriano is worth his contract… what I am saying is he is playing well enough in LF for you to get off his back for awhile. We are stuck with him. His defense is much improved… HE HASN’T even made an error yet. Why aren’t to complaining about Castro who makes an error every other game? Has he lost us games with his poor defense?

as much as I dislike Sorry-a-no, I have to agree to both Joey and Petrey. He has indeed improved compared to the last few years, but he’s still not worth 20% of his contract. Jackson is not ready to be called up, so I would platoon Sorry in LF with Mather until a trade comes along. But NO WAY I would let Sorry hit 5th… the 7 or 8 spot would be better. IF he goes on a HR streak again, he could be back in 5th.

And there you have it petrey, FINALLY! Belgian and I are NOT one and the same.
I would be all over Castro if he WASN’T THE BEST HITTER ON THE TEAM.
As I would NOT be on Sorry’s back if HE WAS THE BEST HITTER ON THE TEAM.
My thoughts have NOTHING to do with contracts or money “earned”. My contention is as was just recently proven with Marmol’s demotion we are indeed NOT STUCK with Soriano in LF and HE TOO can be demoted from a starter to a bench warmer. I think we all “know” that he is starting based on his status and not his stats. At least Belgian has retained some sanity by stating Sorry is no 5 hitter. Although we would be having open auditions for the 5 hole but so what, Sorry is not good enough to prevent that, let the auditions begin because Sorry’s handwriting is on the wall.

i have said numerous times Soriano isn’t a 4 or 5 hitter… but he is our best option with the team that the Cubs have… “my thoughts have NOTHING to do with contracts or money “earned” ya right I don’t believe that for a second… so you are telling me if Soriano was playing for league minimum you would still be on here ranting and raving about Soriano’s defense (which he has a 1.000 fielding%)? Its starting to get hard to figure out what you arguing about Joey…

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