5/9 Extra bases, Part II

* Paul Maholm has a 1.07 ERA in his last four starts, all wins, and has held batters to a .167 average. He’s given up three earned runs in 25 1/3 innings. The four-game win streak ties his personal best, most recently May 31-July 10, 2008.

“I’m going to have another rough outing at some point, that’s part of baseball,” Maholm said, “but I’m going to ride this as long as I possibly can and hopefully for a good while.”

* Starlin Castro tried to get the Cubs on the board in the fourth when he hit a ball near the right field foul line past a diving Jason Heyward. But Heyward recovered and relayed the ball to second baseman Dan Uggla, who easily threw out Castro at home. Third base coach Pat Listach was waving Castro home.

“It’s one of those things, it still took a good relay throw,” Dale Sveum said of the play. “With two outs there, you’re hoping for a bad skip or bad relay throw. Sometimes as the third base coach, you like pushing the envelope especially in a game when you feel it’ll be a tough time scoring runs, and sure enough it was a game like that.”

* Cubs pitchers have a 2.51 ERA in the last 17 games, and the team is 10-7 in that stretch. They’ve won three straight home series.

* Wednesday’s 2 hour 5 minute game was the shortest of the season.

* Bryan LaHair has reached safely in a team-high 27 straight games. he has 17 RBIs in his last 21 games.

* Next up is a three-game series at Miller Park. It’ll be Matt Garza vs. Randy Wolf on Friday; Chris Volstad vs. Shaun Marcum on Saturday; and Jeff Samardzija vs. Marco Estrada on Sunday.

— Carrie Muskat


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I agree that trade makes no sense, bring up Rizzo and place La Hair in left field.

I do think at some point this season Demp will get traded just not for Youk… more like prospects… and probably good spects too… then this offseason we go back to Demp and see if he would give us a team friendly deal…. add one of hamels/grienke/a.sanchez/mccarthy… go after Michael Bourn… spend wisely… go into next year with a NL Central contender. We aren’t that far away guys. We just need some pieces to fall in place

Another preferring LaHair in LF instead of Soriano. Even at the “gamble” of bringing up Rizzo (who is not striking out at an alarming rate…). If I’m not mistaken that makes at least 4 of us including petrey that would prefer LaHair in left field over Soriano….should we ever become “unstuck” with Soriano. I think we are more on the same page then our comments suggest.

I do like that idea petrey about getting Demp back after the “trade” for prospects.
He seems to be a guy that would want to FINISH WHAT HE STARTED, right??

i expect Rizzo up the DAY that the cubs gain that extra year of control… if he isn’t then I will join the lynchmob… until that time I say we let him gain confidence in AAA. I mean the longer we can keep him cheap and productive, the better right?

That’s very logical petrey. Just curious at the risk of provoking your wrath which is far from my intention believe it or not…..when that day does arrive and Rizzo is brought up what would you do with either Soriano or LaHair EVEN considering Soriano does not remain such an abysmal offensive threat and LaHair does not remain a hitting/power machine? I would think LaHair should get the edge. I also have no concern (any longer) how cheap players come for the Ricketts as I am tired of pretending the Cubs are our financial obligation. As long as the players are PRODUCTIVE I for one do not care how much dough the Ricketts shell out. I wouldn’t be on Soriano’s back if he was productive just as I am not on his back because he does not come cheap. Payroll is payroll, I just look at it like Soriano’s millions are going to LaHair and his production. Don’t we just want very good players during their peak whether cheap or expensive? Hope I didn’t upset you too much this time, at least it’s after lunch!🙂

I would be shopping Soriano no doubt in my mind but I would at the same time be shopping DeJesus… whoever goes first to the best deal gets dealt and Lahair plays either RF or LF (which he has played both in the minors)… if neither or them can be traded for a decent deal then you gotta play Soriano, Dejesus, and Lahair and bench/spot start Campana… basically a 4 man rotation in the OF.. but also remember interleague play should be in full swing by then (i think) which Lahair would THRIVE in that role IMO… so you still should be able to get him his at bats

Unless Soriano does not rebound by then, or be in one of his elusive streaks…. you would HAVE to bench him. Just have to….

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