5/9 Minor League report

Anthony Rizzo hit a pair of three-run homers to back Chris Rusin and lead Iowa to a 13-2 win over Fresno Tuesday night. Rusin retired the first nine batters he faced and gave up three hits, two walks over six innings. The lefty struck out five. Rizzo connected in the first and the sixth, and he leads the Pacific Coast League in home runs with nine. This was his fourth two-homer game of the season. Josh Vitters had three hits, including a home run, and four RBIs.

Trey McNutt gave up three earned runs on five hits over three innings in Tennessee’s 6-3 loss to Birmingham. Justin Bour hit his fifth home run and Luis Flores had three hits, including a double.

Matt Loosen gave up one run on four hits over five innings in Daytona’s 12-4 win over Charlotte. Rubi Silva had two hits, including his second homer, and three RBIs.

Jose Rosario gave up two runs on 10 hits over five innings in Peoria’s 7-2 win over Quad Cities. Paul Hoilman extended his hitting streak to a record-tying 21 games, getting a hit in his last at-bat.

— Carrie Muskat


You cannot keep Rizzo down on the farm with him hitting the way he is. We have to face up to it he is a slick fielding power hitting first baseman who needs to be in the majors. LaHair has played LF before so it is time to do it. Rizzo has learned about all he can learn in the minors. To bad one of these guys is not a 3rd baseman. I bet most of you did not know the Cubs originally drafted Josh Hamiliton but had previously made and arrangement with the Reds to send him there. He supposedly had off field issues. Of course we made the great trade that sent Lou Brock to St Louis for some old pitcher who’s claim to fame is that he was traded for Lou Brock. We also had a problem with two many at first base years ago like we do today. We had Mark Grace and a Rafel Palmerio who also played first. We decided Mark was the best first baseman and did not even consider moving the future power hitting all star to the OF. Will Dempster ever win a game. Once again he allows only one run and does not win. His ERA is barely over 1.0 and he has yet to win a game. I would not be surprised to see the Cubs move Demp this summer as the way he is pitching he can start for any team. I would hate to see him leave as he is and has been one of my favorite players ever since he came. He should bring a very good player in return if he does go. He seems to have close ties to Chicago so may refuse a trade as he has that right.

Yes it’s time to bring up Rizzo but I believe Theo will do it June 1st because right now it’s all about service time.

I see where you guys are coming from but look at this way for a second before I get flamed by you 2 and joey…. if we bring up Rizzo now what is the purpose? Do you think we will all of a sudden be contending? because we won’t.. Why bring Rizzo up now and lose 1 future year of control over him? Just think that could be a year in the future that the Cubs are making a WS push. Leaving Rizzo in AAA until we pass that time isn’t going to negatively effect him so what is the point? …. ok that’s my view point so flame away (waiting for one of joey’s long drawn out ridiculous thread)

as for Demp he could be in an interesting situation. I could easily see him being traded but I could also easily see him stay. There is also the situation where he could leave for a contender but come back to us in FA after the season on a Kerry Wood-like hometown discount. Say we trade Dempster for a couple good prospects and then get him back in the off season for 3 years 12 mill per year while adding Cole Hamels or Annibal Sanchez, or Brandon McCarthy…. then we go into 2013 with the rotation of Garza, Demp, Pick of the above 3, Shark, and Maholm/Volstad/Wood/other spec………….. thats a pretty awesome rotation.

Agreed and good points John. I for one did know that Josh Hamilton was once Cub property and Hendry decided it best to receive “cash considerations” for him when traded to Cincy. I suppose Hendry didn’t want to tarnish the “Cub way” by having somebody on the roster that had supposed “off field” issues….unless your name is Milton Bradley, HIM we can tolerate. Even Cincy’s GM received some value for Hamiltion by getting Edison Volquez in return. Oh well, water under the Hendry bridge. What will happen first? Dempster getting a win this year as a Cub or being traded? He has pitched lights out but I think he will be traded for some good talent
while we can get it. Rizzo at 1B, LaHair in LF….oh boy…you mean Soriano isn’t playing well enough to hold Rizzo’s promotion at bay? Who woulda thought? No matter that Soriano has improved his fielding to the point of back handing a ball and holding a single…well, to a single, settling for a robust ba of about .240 in order to hit the ball to right field for an occassional RBI, or even belly flop into second for an awesome double. It’s all good stuff for a player to do that but hardly enough from a production positon such as left field. Soriano has improved to almost as good as Tyler Colvin was. Nope, no matter how you look at it John is correct and it is time for Soriano to make way for a BETTER player.

Petrey, I see your way of thinking about Dempster staying and I think that would be great. I’m afraid that him pitching soooooo good right now may work against us and he may be traded and then signed for a longer contract by that team. But I agree, it would be awesome to “get him back” and add the quality arms you suggest.
(Sorry for such a short comment.)

Sori is out with a sore knee today. If he goes on the the DL does anyone think Rizzo gets called up in that situation?

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