5/9 Movie star Dolis

Rookie Rafael Dolis has teammate Starlin Castro’s support to handle the Cubs’ closer duties.

“He’s an amazing guy,” Castro said of Dolis, who is sharing the job with James Russell for now. “He’s working hard, too. Every day. He watches a lot of movies every day but he works hard.”

Movies? Dolis is trying to improve his English by watching English-language movies. On Tuesday, it was “Contraband.” That’s how Castro improved his English. OK, back to baseball. What can Dolis do?

“He’s got a hard sinker, 96 [mph], and you don’t need more than that,” Castro said. “Sometimes he has a pretty good slider. He doesn’t need to throw that because he has an amazing sinker. He’ll be pretty good. He still has to work pretty hard. One day, he’ll be good.”

— Carrie Muskat 


What Dolis does is not walk anyone and throw first pitch strikes. That is the not so secret of being a reliever. I had rather see a hit than a lead off walk late in the game. Dolis seems to have grasped that early in his career.

Right on John. NO FREEBIES. Give the defense a chance to record outs too, no need to strike out the side or fool every batter. Really, who knows which pitcher will eventually become our closer but it sure makes for interesting baseball watching some young guys with promise compete.

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