5/9 WHIP numbers

A key statistic to gauge how pitchers are doing is WHIP, or walks plus hits per innings pitched. The lower the number the better. Here are the Cubs bullpen numbers:

Rafael Dolis 1.09

Shawn Camp 1.19

James Russell 1.32

Carlos Marmol 2.16

Kerry Wood 2.77

The Marlins Heath Bell has the highest WHIP in the Major Leagues at 2.88.

Among the Cubs starters, Ryan Dempster ranks fifth in the Major Leagues with an 0.85 WHIP and Matt Garza is eighth at 0.89.

— Carrie Muskat


For clarification, Heath Bell has the “HIGHEST” WHIP. As Carrie mentioned, the lower the number the better. Thanks for the updates Carrie, great job!

Dolis, Camp, Russell have some pretty COOL WHIPS.

Thanks, Will. Made the correction. I need more coffee on day games

Isn`t Kerry Wood due to go back onto the disabled list? He`s been activated for a week, I reckon, give or take a day. Isn`t that normally how it goes for Kerry? It`s not like we will miss him all that much. See Tuesday`s outing. He brought his gas can to the mound again, and chucked his glove and cap into the stands like a spoiled child.

Frustraion got the best of Wood resulting in a rare display of anger, he deserves the benefit of the doubt for throwing his glove in the stands. What he does not deserve is a guaranteed spot in the pen. Despite his history with the team if the man is done, he is done. And it appears if he has anything left in the tank….it aint’ much.

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