5/12 Volstad frustrated again in loss

What do the Cubs do with Chris Volstad? Once again, he was the victim of one bad inning. Dale Sveum suggested they may need to do more than just tweak the right-hander’s grip.

“It’s been really hard, frustrating,” said Volstad, winless in his last 18 starts. “I’m working my [backside] off and don’t have a lot to show for it.”

The Brewers had the bases loaded in the sixth when unlikely slugger Edwin Maysonet hit a grand slam off Volstad. The right-hander had cruised through the first five innings, giving up three hits.

“That’s the way it’s been for every game,” Volstad said. “I’ve done so well except for one inning. It’s hard to pinpoint the difference. I’ve got to keep working.”

Acquired from the Marlins for Carlos Zambrano, Volstad (0-5) is trying to impress his new team.

“He was doing well and it just got away from him again,” Sveum said. “The slider got him in trouble again. It’s a pitch he needs but it’s getting hit too often and too hard. He was put in a situation to get a ground ball and couldn’t get out of it and close that thing down. It just got out of hand again.”

Will Sveum and the Cubs make a change?

“You’re going to consider it,” Sveum said. “There are options and things you can try and other people you can try. We’re all frustrated with the starts and the innings and the five shutout innings and one big inning. Whatever, six, seven starts in, we can’t get a grip on it.”

Volstad admitted he may be trying to do too much.

“I’m trying to make too good of a slider as opposed to just throwing a normal slider like I was in the earlier innings, that could’ve been it,” Volstad said about the sixth. “[I have to work on] just the location of it, not really the break or speed or anything like that, just where the pitch is located.”

— Carrie Muskat


Time to see Iowa –he is as bad as Zambrano

Take a look at Z stats in 6 starts for Miami.

Believe it or not, the Cubs have entered a perfect storm with Marmol out, and Volstad not able to sustain a start. Volstad is a good sinker ball, double-play pitcher for an inning or two. Try him as a closer or set up man, and give his starting slot to Travis Wood who can give you innings and a 50-50 shot as a 5th starter.
Garza-Dempster-Samardzija-Maholm-Wood for a starting five, plus a bullpen of Russell, Maine, Coleman, Volstad, Bowden, Dolis and Punt.

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How many loses do we have to go through and keep saying it’s only one bad inning,let him work through one bad inning in IOWA

Agreed, Iowa it is. Hoystein needs to swallow some pride and accept the goods received for Zambrano is not paying off just yet. As for Wood? I don’t see any reason why he should get the nod as opposed to Coleman or any other pitcher in the system if the bar is set at a 50/50 shot. Wood for Marshall isn’t looking too good right now, nor is Stewart and his pathetic ba for Colvin who I think is batting around .300 for Colorado and would look pretty good in LF for us. Well, hindsight is what hindsight is and a mess is mess is a mess. What a loooooong haul we and Hoystein are in for. A lot to address: The removal of Sorry Soriano, the so-far failure of Stewart, the lack of a shut down closure, the so-far failure of Volstad and Wood….and Wood, Meltdown Marmol, So-So Soto, error prone Castro….and they don’t come out and declare a total REBUILDING is needed??? Yikes.

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