5/17 Geovany Soto scratched

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto was scratched from Thursday’s lineup against the Phillies because of inflammation in his left knee. His status was day to day. Welington Castillo, who was batting .150, replaced Soto in the Cubs lineup in the series finale. Soto was hitting .161 with three home runs and six RBIs this season, and has started 27 of the Cubs 37 games. Although his batting average is low, he’s shown some improvement. He hit .127 in April and was batting .211 in May.

— Carrie Muskat


The trifecta of “showing improvement”: Soto, Soriano & Stewart. Yay!!! Let’s ride these three guys all the way through a rebuilding year. “Building A New Tradition” pales in comparison to “Showing Improvement…From Horrible” I can’t possibly see Soriano’s significance for this team the remainder of his contract. Hard to justify giving up on Colvin who could have played either left or right for Stewart who at this point (granted he MAY get better just because he’s young enough to have time to get better, unlike the rapidly aging Soriano) may be no better than the cheaper Vitters. And Soto seems to have already peaked?? Sad, but time to give the job to Castillo and let him run with it in order to find out if he’s got what it takes to handle the staff. Second guessing is easy and sometimes fun and keeping that in mind Hoystein could have had Colvin in right field, Vitters at 3B, more cash in the vault all the while having the same miserable year the team is having. Just don’t see much of an upgrade in RF with DeJesus over Colvin or at 3B with Stewart over Vitters (based on his minor league performance of course). Well, us fans must find ways to stay “involved” and second guessing is one way and hoping to see new faces is another….

agreed… ready to be rid of Soto… do not agree on Dejesus except for the fact that Colvin woudl be cheaper…. Vitters isn’t ready and don’t know if he ever will be. I am hoping for Junior Lake to replace Vitters in the 3B prospect or make a big trade for Chase Headley…

Same page petrey, just saying the “upgrade” for DeJesus isn’t enough for the team to have moved Colvin to make room for DeJesus. A little better player than DeJesus would have been easier to justify giving up on Colvin who at one time was every bit as good as the 20+ major league homeruns that Stewart hit…ironic that Hoystein will give another team’s young player a shot to rebound but not their own player? It seems that they thought 3B was a little harder to fill considering Vitter’s lack of progress but Stewart appears to be well behind Colvin’s “rebound” and is not doing anything to seperate himself from the questionmark that Vitters is. Well, it appears that Castillo and Clevenger will get a shot at unseating Soto due to injury. Not how I would have wanted it to be accomplshed as I would have preferred to get something in return for Soto which now seems remote. You’re right though, RF & 3B are really not much to argue about at this point, no major major damage done.

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