5/17 LaHair’s streak ends

Bryan LaHair was 0-for-4 on Wednesday, ending his streak of reaching base safely at 32 games. That’s tied for the second-longest by a Cubs first baseman since 1945, joining Phil Cavarretta (32 games in 1945), Bill Buckner (32 games in 1981) and Derrek Lee (32 games in 2007). Andre Thornton had a 33-game run in 1975. LaHair said he never changed his approach during the streak.

“I keep it simple,” LaHair said. “I stick to my approach. I’ve been doing this for awhile. I’m just real comfortable at the plate, try to get on base for the team. I try to give guys like [Alfonso Soriano] and [Ian] Stewart the chance to drive me in, just like the guys in front of me are trying to let me drive them in. It’s a chain effect for the whole offense.”

LaHair did reach base on an error in the fourth but that does not extend his streak. The only at-bats that count are ones that increase on-base percentage, which include a base hit, walk, or hit-by-pitch.

The Cubs first baseman is one of the team’s top candidates for the All-Star Game.

“I’m humbled by the talk,” LaHair said. “That’s really all it is right now is talk. I’ve got to stay in the moment and prepare for tonight’s game. I never like to get too far ahead of myself. There’s a lot of good players in this league and a lot of guys with time served. I don’t know how the process works, I just try to do my part. If that kind of thing happens, it happens and it’d be great.”

— Carrie Muskat


He da man. The Phillie broadcasters last night extended high praise for LaHair`s attitude and approach. Fritz Wheeler commented that when the Phils were considering Ryne Sandberg for manager, they consulted with LaHair seeking his opinion of Ryno`s managerial skills, as Brian played for the Hall of Famer. For what it`s worth, LaHair recommended his former manager highly.

keep it going LaHair!! Thata boy….


You write about the Cubs. The owner of the Cubs is trying to take down the president of the United States. Don’t you think some comment or story from you is warranted?

Sorry, but politics are totally out of my jurisdiction. If the Cubs release a statement, we’ll post that.

Thanks for checking in, at least. I understand now that your job is solely to present and enhance the Cubs’ official position (don’t know why I didn’t notice that earlier). Sorry to drop that on you and, again, thanks for acknowledging my post.

David, I haven’t heard this, what’s going on?

In response to David Ake, I don’t believe this is the medium for political discussion. Carrie, let us only talk Cubs. Thanks again for your great work, I look forward to each one of your entries (although I could have done without the soccer one, I don’t like soccer, Ha Ha).

Will (and others), I understand your desire to keep this a baseball-ony space, but all of the other media outlets are picking up on this story. It seems to me that the writer closest to the Cubs should at least acknowledge that this is happening. She doesn’t have to take a side (indeed, she shouldn’t), but, again, a journalist should report something about this. Recall that ESPN has weighed in on all sorts of issues not directly related to on-field activities. Carrie writes on the Cubs. Well, this is a nationwide story involving the Cubs.

By the way, reaching on an error does not count as reaching base safely? What’s the ruling with that.

Oops, apparently i skipped a paragraph. Thanks for answering my question so fast, Ha Ha

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