5/20 Cubs lineup

RF DeJesus

CF Campana

SS Castro

1B LaHair

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

2B Cardenas

C Hill

P Maholm

1 Comment

The day the Cubs HAD to bring back Koyie Hill is the day we all realize there is no rhyme or reason anymore in Cubland and anything goes. Bring up Rizzo, bring up kids from A ball, trade for Fukodome, lead off Soriano….Hill on the roster is just too much to take. It’s just too much. The heck with years of control, at this point we can control Rizzo, Jackson and any other stud for as long as possible and another century can go by. Might as well roll the dice just for the sake of GOING FOR IT and start the complete overhual. Forgive me but Hill was the last straw. Hill. Unbelievable. I don’t care how much “he knows” the staff, the Cubs didn’t want him, he’s batting under .200 in AA ball….Hill… UNBELIEVABLE. I just thought we were finally done with him….sorry, just too much.

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