5/20 Sveum may change top of order

Expect some changes at the top of the order on Monday as Cubs manager Dale Sveum tries to jump-start the offense. After losing 6-0 to the White Sox Sunday, Sveum said he may change the 1-2-3 hitters in the lineup. The Cubs were outscored 16-6 in the three-game series, and mustered two runs off the White Sox starters. The Cubs next stop is Houston on Monday. David DeJesus, Tony Campana and Starlin Castro were a combined 2-for-24 on Friday and Sunday.

“I might think about changing things at the top of the order,” Sveum said. “It’s not that anybody is doing anything wrong but just to change something because we aren’t producing any runs that way. We might change things up there.

“We need some production,” Sveum said, “and the bottom line is two months into the season, we have to start producing or we’re going to have to start making some changes.”

Castro, who has hit third all season, finished the five-game homestand 3-for-18 (.167).

“If he moves me in the lineup, it doesn’t matter,” said Castro, who batted leadoff most of last season. “I’m ready to hit in whatever spot in the lineup. Wherever he wants to put me, I’ll do my job to help the team.”

— Carrie Muskat


Really Sveum? Duh. Mix n’ match all you want, in fact lead off Koyie HIll and spare us the suspense of waiting for his at bat. YOU HAVE KOYIE HILL ON THE ROSTER and you think juggling the line up will help? A sow’s ear is a sow’s ear. Hill. Embarrassing.

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I agree with joeydafish. Hill proved the past two seasons he is impotent offensively. Why not signing a competent backup catcher was not a priority over the winter baffles me. That was such a glaring weakness for a long while, but the mental giants running the front office can`t see that? Rod Barajas comes to mind as a capable second string backstop who was available in the offseason. Come to think of it, our first string catcher is no prize.

I think the Cubs acquired the mighty bat of AA catcher Hill from the Reds for “cash considerations”???…would make more sense if the Reds are considering GIVING THE CUBS cash…for taking Hill…. Of course, having Hill back on the roster will make the anemic averages of Soriano, Soto & Stewart look a little better. So we got THAT going for us!!!

We can change the batting order any way we want but we will still have the same players on the field. I think it is a given we are the worst team in the NL We have only a couple of good minor league players who will eventually make it to the big leagues. We have no one we can afford to trade. We appear many years away from being a regular competitor in our division much less the entire NL. Unless we go out and purchase some players during FA next year you can expect similar results to this year. We seem to not be making any headway in singing Garza who along with Smarj are our best two young pitchers. We are last in scoring in the NL and near the last in hitting. We were last in home runs the last I looked. You cannot win games with these facts staring you in the face. I am not at all sure what our owner and our Executive VP have in mind for next year but I do hope it includes a bump in the payroll which dropped around $50 million dollars this year. I have not read about any team improving by a monster drop in payroll. Would be nice for our management team to step up and let the fans know with some specificity what their plan is. After all we we pay all the bills. We as fans did not expect to compete in our division this year but we did not expect to be as bad as we are.

Those are intelligent observations by John L. Holt. Did you all hear a remark by Rick Sutcliffe last week on ESPN when he helped analyze a Cubs game? I`m paraphrasing as Rick, in effect, said Theo Epstein did not realize how bare the cupboard was when he agreed to accept the position he now occupies. In other words, the situation with the Cubs roster and organization in general is more wanting than he knew.

Very well stated John L. Holt. The cupboard was raided to yeild….Garza.
I do think the payroll will increase next year (duh…) but it may not be nearly enough to compete. We could be 3-5 years away from the “sustained” competing team mentioned by the suits. Signing Garza long term and building around him is the only way to SALVAGE one of the rare quality players Hendry acquired. If we lose Garza it will just add to the misery Hendry handed over to Epstein. It’s so obvious this team needs to build around Garza, Samarjdza, Castro, Rizzo & Jackson. The sooner the Cubs make that evident by having these guys play together the sooner the fans will positivley respond and the sooner the holes can be plugged via trades and free agents. Currently there is almost NOTHING for the fans to get behind. They have finally hit bottom as evidenced by the signing of Koyie Hill (OMG) and now that bottom has been reached…can we NOW start the overhaul????

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