5/21 Cubs lineup

So much for change. Apparently, Dale Sveum changed his mind, and left the top of the Cubs order the same Monday against the Astros. David DeJesus wasn’t sure what to expect Monday.

“I think the top three, we’re doing a decent job getting on base for the guys behind us,” DeJesus said. “He knows what he’s doing — we trust him, we stand behind him and whatever he has in store for us, we’ll deal with it and go out and do it.”

Here’s the lineup:

RF DeJesus

CF Campana

SS Castro

1B LaHair

LF Soriano

3B Stewart

2B Cardenas

C Hill

P Garza

— Carrie Muskat


Why hasnt barney start in the line up!? Is he injured or something…because I havent seen him get hurt…

This is about all Sveum CAN do. So, Blake Lalli must be a complete BUST if Hill is now the everyday catcher until further notice? Hill has already shown what LITTLE he can do in the majors, why not see what Lalli has to offer? JUST SO WE DON’T HAVE TO WATCH HILL. Actually, I don’t think I will watch…..

We have to get a good look at Cardenas. I don’t think Barney is the long-term answer there.

I think so. He is much faster then Cardenes, and a better average. I think he’s WAY better then Cardenas. (In my opinion. He is my favorite player!)

I Just hope Barney comes in to play soon!!!🙂

I just like the way Cardenas looks. I think he has a bit more pop and better for long-term success. But that’s a completely untrained opinion!🙂 Barney reminds me of those scrappy guys who provide a spark off the bench every now and then.

I don’t think so. He has been our starter for second since the begining! And he has been fulfilling his job REALLY good… He is a great player and I feel he’ll stay there for a long time. (I think I like to defend him so much because I’m like his BIGGEST fan!!!)🙂

I’d rather see Barney at Catcher than Koyie Hill.

I WONT watch as long as KOYIE DEADOUT HILL is on the team this new direction is spookie.

Barney did not start because Sveum wanted to have as many left-handed bats in lineup as possible. Cardenas got two doubles.

Well I’m glad the cubs are trying to look at more players. But I still think Barney has better numbers (and is better). I rather See Cardenas in center and switch off with Campana and Johnson.

Remember, Barney forced his way on the team as a starter…Hendry’s game plan was to have the Mighty DeWitt be the starting second baseman. Give Barney props for taking advantage of a rare opportunity under the Hendry regime to advance from the minors. If Cardenas has more to offer than Barney…did he show it this past spring training? Where was he? Nothing against Cardenas, hell I would rather see him start in LF rather than get rusty on the bench but I think Barney is just good enough to be our starting second baseman until somebody whether or not it’s Cardenas forces Sveum for playing time.

I agree I rather See Cardenas in center field instead of second! I think Cardenas is good, Just NOT better then Barney.🙂

I think just moving players around in the lineup will improve nothing if they are the same players. Lets face it we have a very bad team all the way around from hitting, scoring runs, fielding, and pitching. We have a D+ minor league system and the only way out of this in the next two years is through free agency signings. We have no real trade-able young players in the minors and the players we have playing every day are buried in last place. If we expect to become a fixture in the playoffs each year it is going to take a minimum of 5 years and then we will have to be smart enough to draft the guys who can take us to that level. Our Manger and coaches are not part of our problem. The lack of players is our problem. The big drop in payroll will help continue the problem if we remain bottom feeders in payroll. I see Ryan Dempster being traded at some point this year if he approves. A real good guy and a real good pitcher but at 35 he does not fit the profile that Theo Epstein wants. Theo still has a lot to prove himself. Next year looks much like this year IMHO and we are very likely to finish with one of the worst records in baseball this year. Attendance will fall next year as will advertising revenues. Just how serious the owners are about making the Cubs long term contenders is still a question mark in my mind. They talk the talk but have yet to start walking the walk.

If Epstein is worth his salt we will be playoff bound within 5 years, if it takes longer then Epstein is selling snake oil. Dempster is just the beginning of the long list of players who will not be a part of the sustained winning (whining??). Does anybody really think Soriano, DeJesus, Soto, Marmol, Baker, Hill (OMG!!!) among others are vital to a turn around? They have no place, no upside and no future with the Cubs.
Only Marmol would add something and only if he miraculously rediscovers some talent. The majority of this roster INCLUDING the Hoystein acquistions of Stewart and DeJesus are just here to buy time until some TRULY Epstein magic can be weilded. Epstein better have at least one rabbit left in his hat….

Well at least TONIGHT barney is playing AND instead of Hill we have Lalli!

Isabel…tell us how you REALLY feel about Barney… 🙂

Do you REALLY want to know? I think he one of our best players!!! And he is in the top 5 for best hitting averages! Plus he is the best looking guy on the team!!!😉

I KNEW it!!!! My daughters are still furious DeRosa was traded! And are now VERY MUCH Barney “fans”!!!! Personally, I would rather have homely players and a World Series…..ya know????

Yes my mom was mad too…but my favorite player before was zambrano…but (no offense to your daughters) I know HIS stats…and I know HIS average and everything…but there is an extra bonus for the good looks part!😉

o for cryin out loud……… im not even going there…. just for the record, barney is not the future 2B of the WS Champion Cubs….

I have to agree with petrey isabel, my daughters love him but I am ready for somebody a little closer to Sandberg’s talent rather than Theriot’s….
Barney is adequate for this team but then again….just look at this team…

I agree…he’s not the second basemen we had, b/c I would like Fontinot(?) There instead! But he IS my favorite player….(so I’ll defend him and protect him) I’m truly HIS biggest fan…seen him play since AAA…So I’ll defend him.🙂

Ryne Sandberg liked barney and new has talent. I think we will see Barney remain with the Cubs for time to come.

I like the way YOU think!🙂

do all of you like pk wrigleys players coming up out their graves?

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