5/27 Cubs lineup

Jeff Baker and Joe Mather are starting against lefty Erik Bedard in the Cubs’ series finale against the Pirates. The Cubs are 1-8 against left-handed starters this year and batting .231, sixth lowest in the National League. Last year, they hit .263, fourth best.

Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus RF

Castro SS

Mather 3B

Soriano LF

Baker 1B

Johnson CF

Barney 2B

Hill C

Garza P

— Carrie Muskat


Whooohooo!!! Garza and Barney!!! Hopefully Garza does some good pitching and the defense is there! I cant stand another lost!!! Especially when we were SO close last night!:/

Don’t worry we lost. Probably another 1 run game too. Just look at the lineup. Mather in 3 spot again? seriously? and no Campana? with a lefty on the mound? And DeJesus still in lead-off? I know this is Sveum’s rookie year but he needs some serious managerial training. Somebody get Piniella on the phone.

Oh my gosh!!! I love Pinella! I was gonna cry when he left!😦 but i hope/think they’ll win tonight! Especially Because my Man Barney’s gonna be on fire!🙂

It is time to pay someone to take Soriano, bring up Rizzo. When Jackson is ready let go of Baker. These guys need time up and we are not doing ourselves any favors keeping them down. In a rebuilding year we expect to lose, but lets at least see if these guys have a future with us or if they should be traded.

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