5/27 Dolis out as closer

Rookie Rafael Dolis is out for now as the Cubs closer and James Russell and possibly Shawn Camp will share the role, manager Dale Sveum said Sunday. Dolis, who had taken over for Carlos Marmol, hit a batter with the bases loaded in the ninth inning Sunday to force in the Pirates’ game-winning run in a 3-2 win over the Cubs.

“That’s the frustrating thing with the back end of the bullpen is giving it up because of walks and hit batters,” Sveum said Sunday. “Nobody is hitting the ball and doing things. We’re imploding by walking guys and hitting guys.”

Dolis, 22, gave up a single and walked two batters before he hit Matt Hague with a pitch.

“It’s a combination of youth and being put in a situation he probably shouldn’t be put in, for obvious reasons,” Sveum said of Dolis, who was projected to be one of the Cubs set-up pitchers this season but was switched after Marmol struggled. “It’s funny because he started out doing a nice job. Now it’s a combination of making sure you repeat the mechanics that he has in the bullpen. He’s throwing great bullpens and he gets on the mound and wants to recoil and fall off and do these things. It’s a matter of being able to get on the mound, no matter what inning it is or how many outs, and repeat your delivery and throw back to back quality pitches.”

Russell has four career saves, none this year. Camp is 10-for-23 in save opportunities in his career.

“We’ll see how it all pans out,” Sveum said. “Hopefully, [Matt] Garza throws nine innings and we won’t have to worry about it.”

Marmol, currently on the disabled list with a strained right hamstring, will make his second rehab outing Sunday for Triple-A Iowa and could join the Cubs Monday or Tuesday when they open a brief three-game homestand against the Padres.

— Carrie Muskat


I’m sorry but why is Sveum using our young makeshift closer in so many non-save situations? That seems stupid to me. Wouldn’t you rather conserve his arm for save opportunities? Can someone please enlighten me as to why Sveum is doing what he is doing?

Just how many save situations have there been in the past two weeks? The kid needs to pitch sometime to be effective when he does have a save situation. Unfortunately, he hasn’t pitched well enough in either case recently, hence the change.

Who cares anymore. Why worry about a closer. You need a lead in the 9 th before we worry about closers

Carrie; Thank you for doing your job it can’t be easy covering this 0 for 12 with so many bad baseball things happening with this Team. 27 Years since we lost 12 in a row. The Padres may hold the key and a Guest Goat has come a long way to visit Wrigley Field !

Hey what about us cub fans who don’t get paid for watching the games. and 26 years? didn’t the cubs start 0-14 in ’97. And I don’t care how many helpless goats you slaughter on the field, the Cubs aren’t going anywhere this year.

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In or out as “closer”, as if they are playing with the big boys. This team should not even be allowed to use the term “closer”. All us fans know there IS NO “CLOSER” on the roster, who are they fooling? Nobody. Not even an issue. There is only a “pitcher” who might HAPPEN to be put in a save situation, but by no means is a “closer”. Who’s in or out as the third baseman, center fielder, first baseman, second baseman, CATCHER,….???? Sveum is already grasping at straws because of the lack of talent. Only Castro has “claimed” a title as THE SHORTSOP because he can hit and only Soriano has claimed a title as THE LEFT FIELDER because the organization can’t stomach releasing him to make room for Jackson.

Pitching 101: If you are in the major leagues you need to be able to throw a strike on command. I had almost rather see a hit than a walk in most cases. I am always totally amazed to see a major league pitcher get ahead of a batter 0-2 and then end up walking him. When I look for a pitcher the first think I look for is can he throw strikes. One of the most important pitches in baseball is throwing a strike on your first pitch. Stay ahead of batter. After 5-6 years of pitching in the minors, college, little league, etc you should be able to throw strikes. Greg Maddux was great because he could throw strikes and put them where he wanted not because he had a 95 mph fastball or a big slider. Over and over he would throw that 91 mph fastball that would tail back over the plate on the corner to LH and RH hitters. He was like a surgeon.

Certainly we don’t expect most pitchers to be as surgically accurate as the one and only Maddux but John makes an excellent point. At every level of ball we stress our players to throw strikes and even congratulate them if they get hit, allowing the defense TO CONTRIBUTE to the putouts and shorten the pitch count. Our big problem is the Cubs are running out of pithcers that throw strikes….making one wonder why were they scouted and signed? Look how long it took Samarzdja to get control of his pitches. Were they signed just because they were strong and or athletic? Good point John!

why would you bring Jackson up? He is striking out more than Soriano is in AAA. O wait you want a better fielding LF…. you mean Soriano’s 1.000 fld% isn’t enough? HA! You wouldn’t be saving any money because you still would have to pay his contract. Did you ever think going into this season we were going to win? I mean come on we had cellar dweller written all over us

I thought we went over this petrey, no offense but I would rather see if Jackson has the stuff to make it in the bigs since Soriano, whether he has a 1.000 fld % or not means absolutley nothing for the future of this team. Soriano HAS played better than I expected in the field as he has gotten to all the balls HE is capable of getting to AND catching them, pretty astounding. But that doesn’t make him a good left fielder as Jackson and others more than likely would improve the defense by getting to and catching balls that Soriano gives up on. And Soriano’s offense is not getting any better as he ages. He’s done as far as the Cubs are concerned so I would rather get a glimpse of our future…Jackson. If Jackson wasn’t highly touted I wouldn’t be calling for a AA player just to replace Soriano. In other words keeping Jackson in AAA JUST TO PLAY SORIANO is not a good reason either.

Ok forget Soriano take him completely out of the equation…. you would rather have Jackson “try” to develop at the big league level instead of AAA? Don’t you think that would hinder his development especially since he is struggling at the AAA. We aren’t talking about a Rizzo type prospect. This is a Colvin type prospect. There is a very good chance that Jackson is nothing more than a 4th OF. What are we gaining by playing Jackson? If Jackson keeps up his current stat line we may not see him till after august IF then even.

Yes, I would. Because if he may only be a 4th outfielder (another Patterson, right?) let’s get it over and done with. He may also be a player that adjusts and responds to the big leagues. Do you think if Jackson is left in the minors for anothter season or two he will then become a no. 1 outfielder? I see your point about erring on the side of caution but at this point in the Cubs history it just doesn’t matter to play it safe. The Cubs haven’t brought up a no. 1 outfileder in ages, I think it worth the risk to find out sooner than later about Jackson and this would be a great season to let some of these guys play together on the same team at least becoming familiar with who they SHOULD be playing with for the next decade. Castro, Jackson, Rizzo maybe even Vitters (since Stewart is a bust) should all be on the big league team playing together for the rest of the season. Some guys have great minor league seasons and fail in the bigs, in fact Rizzo did just that in the Padres system and some guys have so-so minor league seasons and explode in the bigs if given a chance (Sandberg). Let’s see which route Jackson takes, if he’s a bust he can be sent back down just like Rizzo. Good for the goose, good for the gander. I think our team would be all around better with an outfield of Jackson, Campana and DeJesus rather than Soriano, revolving door and DeJesus. In fact, I’m not sure why Campana hasn’t been starting as much as he used to considering the options of Mather and Johnson being less than spectacular.

if i do so remember you were touting Mather better than Soriano not but 2 weeks ago…. you changing your tune? As for Jackson I just don’t see the point of bringing him up. Its not doing anything but cost the Cubs time and money… time being control of the prospect if he is going to be the FUTURE of the Cubs. Money because we are going to be paying Soriano and Jackson instead of just Soriano. I don’t mind the OF of Jackson, Campana, Dejesus but what is that going to gain us? the #2 overall pick next year instead of the 1st? Just look at the quotes from Hoyer and Epstein…. they continue to say they would rather leave guys down longer than bring them up too soon. Jackson coming to the ML isn’t in the near future. Rizzo is less than a month away. And you hooting and hollering on this blog isn’t going to change it. Be patient! The FO will do what is best

No change in tune, if Mather replaced Soriano as the everday left fielder it would be an overall upgrade. May lose some homers (MAY) but we would improve with ba, defense and obp because Mather would probably have better abs than the free swinging Soriano. Sure, bring on Mather. And I don’t care how much the Ricketts have to pay both Soriano and Jackson, why would I care? 103 years is long enough to try anything different. Of course I know all my commenting on this blog won’t change what the Cubs do…duh. Do you realize Petrey this blog is just for expressing opinions? I explained what an outfiled of Jackson, Campana and DeJesus would gain us already in my previous comment/opinion.

First off the whole Sandberg thing is way off base…. he hit a combines 300ish as a 20 and 21 yr old in AA and AAA, with a combined 20 hrs and an OPS of aroudn 800… thats pretty good… as a 20 and 21 yr old. He got his shot and made it count. Meanwhile struck out out around 15% of the time NOT over 30% like Brett Jackson. Do I think another year or two in AAA could turn Jackson into a starter in the MLB? Maybe but the odds are better than just throwing him to the wolves. That how a team loses potential talent. Which is exactly what the FO doesn’t want. We got control of Jackson and throwing him up in the majors just because is the dumbest idea I have ever heard coem out of your mouth joey. It makes no sense at all. Your only justified answer is it will show us what we got in a terrible year for the future. Well we are seeing what we got right now in Jackson at AAA let alone the majors. Get a grip and be patient man.

Petrey, thanks MAN for admitting I have a justified answer for bringing up Jackson now. Always a pleasure having a civil discourse with you without any rude comments about me and my thoughts…oh wait NOW I know why I have to be patient…

whatever man play your games… weird how none of crap you wanna do happens… because its all off the wall crap that a FO would never do….. keep it up its comical thinking what you will want to do next

Your so welcome petrey, glad I can amuse you all the refraining from insulting remarks. Hey! Here’s comical, let’s bring back Koyie HIll….oh…. By the way, Loooooove the “whatever mans”, excellent stuff there buddy.

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