5/29 Extra bases & lineup

* The Cubs now have made 15 moves on the 25-man roster in the last 14 days, beginning May 16 when Lendy Castillo was placed on the disabled list. On Tuesday, catcher Steve Clevenger was activated from the DL and Blake Lalli optioned to Triple-A Iowa. When asked how he’ll use Clevenger, Dale Sveum told reporters Tuesday: “A lot.”

* The Cubs were 5-for-9 with runners in scoring position on Monday after going 3-for-36 in their previous five games.

* Here’s Tuesday’s lineup on Jeff Samardzija bobblehead day:

DeJesus RF

Castro SS

Mather 3B

Soriano LF

Baker 1B

Johnson CF

Barney 2B

Hill C

Samardzija P

— Carrie Muskat 


It almost seems as though Tony Campana is in the doghouse. He hasn’t gotten into the past two games at all. Do you know what’s up with that?

Carrie told me on twitter that they want more pop (read Mather and Johnson) in the lineup and keep Tony C as a pinch runner in late innings

More pop? Campana, pop or no pop is one of the few players that threatens to score a run and make things happen. If they want more pop maybe Hoysteion should ask DeJesus and Stewart where THEIR pop is…desperation has settled in and made a nice cozy little home in the Sveum dugout. Mentioning the desire for more pop on a day Hill starts is insulting.

Who else is going to catch, Joey? Expect to see more of Clevenger. DeJesus has never hit more than 13 HRs. He’s not expected to provide “pop.” Stewart is, and hopefully, he can take advantage of the wind/right-handers and get going

A single A catcher or the back up AA catcher can catch, after all Hill was just a AA catcher for the Reds and I can see it didn’t take long for his average to settle in below .200 So…why HIll? There were no other catchers available ANYWHERE???
Bringing back Hill is depressing. What exactly was DeJesus expected to do then?
Provide Byrd like numbers and perform amazingly…average? I think we can all expect to see more of Clevenger, that’s a given and obvious now that he’s healthy.
I also expect to see Hill released as soon as Castillo and or Soto come back, but why not Lalli as a back up instead of the automatic, over the hill Hill?

hey joey we got Clevenger its ok… breath…. take a chill pill….breath…. stop hyperventilating… again i think you need to look at stats before you run your mouth… dejesus is above average(slightly) when compared to the rest of the league’s leadoff hitters… good ahead use google… do some research… its actually quite liberating having some stats to back up your claims and not just “MY OPINION IS…”…

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