5/30 Cubs sweep Padres

* Darwin Barney’s two-run walk off homer was the first walk off blast of his career. He’s now hit safely in four straight, and is 6-for-13 in that streak.

“That was the first walk off home run I’ve ever had at any level,” Barney said. “I didn’t even see it go out. I was just running, running hard. It was crazy. It’s already gone and past and it happened so past.”

* With the win Wednesday, the Cubs posted their first series sweep of 2012, and have won three straight for the first time since Sept. 10-12 last year.

* Tony Campana gets an assist for the win. He entered as a pinch-runner in the eighth, stole second, then third and scored the game-tying run on Starlin Castro’s infield hit.

“He’s a huge monster asset to be able to use him in those situations,” Dale Sveum said of Campana. “He’s so fast. When you’re losing by one run, you don’t want to leave him on the bench. When anybody gets on base you have to get him in there, even if there are two outs. You hope he steals a base early. It worked out perfectly the way you want it to — it’s not always going to happen that way. You can’t say, ‘Let’s wait until the ninth if one of those guys gets on.’ Well, what if nobody gets on — you just left a great asset on the bench.”

* Ryan Dempster did not get a decision, and gave up three homers, the most he’s served up since April 23, 2011. He’s now winless in his last 18 starts and has a 3.95 ERA in that stretch. Dempster is the first Cubs starter to go winless in 18 starts since Danny Jackson did so in 1991-92. Dempster did get his first hit since Sept. 23, when he singled in the second.

“It upset me today just for the fact that I feel like I didn’t do my job,” Dempster said of his outing. “It’s one thing to go out there and do your job and you don’t get the win, but more important than that, we came back and fought our way back to sweep a series. I really don’t care about [my record] today, just the fact we did such a great job and battle all the way back and have a huge win like that is awesome.”

* Carlos Quentin is 7-for-12 in his first three games with the Padres.

“With Carlos Quentin, I probably should’ve just drilled him or something,” Dempster said. “Looking back at it, holy cow. A fastball in on the black and he hits a homer and a fastball three balls outside and he hits a homer. Maybe I shouldn’t have pitched to him and just worked on the next guy. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Going into the game, winning two in a row, we wanted to try to sweep today. I felt I didn’t do my job very well but the guys picked me up and picked the team up in a big way.”

— Carrie Muskat    


Good job Barney!!!🙂 Im so proud of him!!!!!!!!🙂 and proud of the Cubs!!!

It is a revelation to have a catcher who can produce some offense. All we had earlier were backstops who were automatic outs at the dish, and I`m including Soto. What is Clevenger`s reputation as a defender? Is he adequate defensively or a liability? Curious minds want to know. I reckon I want him to be above average. Perhaps he is a work in progress. Would anyone out there reply to my questions?

Clevenger is a converted SS… his defense is raw but adequate… Soto prolly has him on defense but slightly… definitely has him on calling the game just for the fact that Clevenger is new to the club and the pitching staff. That will come with time and quality starts. Again I really like Clevenger and see him much like a LUcroy the Brewers have. Both off to HOT starts but are probably average (slightly give or take) once they cool off. Which for now I am fine with

Why does my last post cite the time as 11:37 PM? That`s bogus. The time is not anywhere close to 11:37 PM when I wrote that. Why can`t that error be set right pronto?

the time is probably the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
To test this…. I’m at UTC+2 (Belgium with DST) and it’s about 2.35 am on May 31.
so the time of my post should say 12.35 am on May 31

Tadaa…. secret unveiled

That may well be true, but I still want Central Standard Time or better yet, Eastern Standard Time where I am domiciled. UTC does not work for me, nor does it work for 99% of the folks posting here, methinks. Let`s get real. Let`s keep it simple. Thanks for replying; I give you credit for that.

Awesome job by Barnery. CLUTCH homeruns are few and far between even with the mighty Soriano on a homer binge it’s still a little guy that comes through! Isabel is happy tonight!!! Barney and Campana should be in the line up every day with a seldom day for rest. If Mather is a guy Sveum want to see more of he should be in LF, RF or 3B.

You know me so well already!!!🙂

Im Not Just Happy Im thrilled!!! I was right that Barney has a LOT of potential he Just needs more chances!!! He is a great player!!! This just helped me prove what I have been saying about him since forever!!! Im HIS biggest fan and I have never STOPPED beliving in Barney! I hope some day I can meet him and he can see Ive been with him during this whole season! I belived in him when no other fan did!!!🙂 Whooo! Good job D. BARNEY!!!(:
– Your biggest fan,

really? wow… alright… its one game… lets see him do it for a whole season… he was hot early last year and then what happend? He hit around 250 for the second half of the year….

Yes REALLY!!!🙂 Its OKAY…Ill still belive in him!!!

Great game by Barney. Good to have Clevenger back as well.

Really, there doesn’t seem to be ANY one player capable of having a complete good season. Soriano already took off the first FIVE WEEKS of the season, LaHair’s producton has plummeted the last few weeks, my guy Campana is being muzzled on the bench for some reason, Stewart is MIA, Castro’s defense is still suspect, Soto is a drag, DeJesus is no run producer so all in all I think Barney is doing at least an admirably consistent job for a player not expected to be a run producer. Go Barney! There is no better option at second base on this roster and Barney is the least of the “culprits” responsable for a dismal year.

I like the WAY you think!!! Go BARNEY!!!🙂

who here said anything about having any other capable starters for 2B? Way to point the obvious…….

Don’t know if you’re addressing me or not petrey but if so I responded to your remark “…let’s see him do it for the whole season…” which can come accross as a dissing Barney and all Isabel was doing was being….happy. My point is let’s see ANYBODY do it for the whole season. Too late for Soriano. WHATEVER MAN.
Love the games we keep playing. Go Barney!!

Omg!!! Thankyou Joeydafish!!!❤ Thanks for speaking up for me!!! Your my NEW bestfriend!!!🙂 Thanks joeydafish….. I guess eveyone is Just HATING!!!🙂❤

Barney had three hits last night. More talent and consistency, pitching. Is that asking too much?

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