6/1 May days

It’s June 1. What did we learn about the Cubs in May?

* They don’t have a closer. Carlos Marmol had the job, then lost it to rookie Rafael Dolis, who is now at Triple-A Iowa trying to find his command. James Russell, Shawn Camp and even Casey Coleman will take turns saving games as Dale Sveum goes with the best matchup.

* Bryan LaHair is not Babe Ruth. The first baseman hit .390 in April with five homers, eight doubles and 14 RBIs, then cooled off in May.

* Starlin Castro may not be a No. 3 hitter.

* They survived a 12-game losing streak, and won three in a row earlier than last year’s team did. Give credit to even keel Sveum and his staff.

* They need more catchers. Geovany Soto, Steve Clevenger, and Welington Castillo went on DL in a matter of days.

* Kerry Wood’s career ended perfectly with one last strikeout May 18, and he can now focus on 6-year-old son Justin’s Little League games.

Numbers game:

Team batting

April (23 games): .237 BA; .294 OBP; .339 slugging; .633 OPS; 9 homers, 75 RBIs

May (27 games): .259 BA; .320 OBP; .429 slugging; .748 OPS; 30 homers; 96 RBIs

Team pitching

April: 8-15; 4.21 ERA; 2-for-5 save opportunities

May: 10-17; 4.47 ERA; 5-for-10 save opportunities

May showers

Ryan Dempster: 0-2, 3.72 ERA, 6 starts

Matt Garza: 0-2, 6.86 ERA, 4 starts

Bryan LaHair: .253 BA; .343 OBP; .448 slugging; .792 OPS; 2 doubles, 5 HR, 8 RBIs

May flowers

Darwin Barney .284 BA; .344 OBP; .489 slugging; .832 OPS; 2 HR, 10 doubles, 8 RBIs

Starlin Castro .304 BA; .311 OBP; .452 slugging; .763 OPS; 4 HR, 1 double, 18 RBIs

David DeJesus .317 BA; .400 OBP; .495 slugging; .895 OPS; 7 doubles, 4 triples, 1 HR, 8 RBIs

Alfonso Soriano, .290 BA; .353 OBP; .591 slugging; .944 OPS; 7 HRs, 7 doubles, 17 RBIs

Shawn Camp 2-1, 13 games, 1.35 ERA

Paul Maholm 2-1, 3.56 ERA, 5 starts

Jeff Samardzija 3-2, 2.48 ERA, 6 starts

— Carrie Muskat


*cough*cough* soriano…. man if only Soriano had played better or man if only Soriano could field or man if Soriano wasn’t hitting for only a month or man if Soriano wasn’t…. just trying to think of the negatives Joey could take away from real like stats…. hmmmmm i guess i will just have to see… haha its comical… wait I bet hendry has something to do with it. HAHAHAHAHA

BTW Soriano’s total OPS is right around league average at this time… 751 compares to 758….

There were 96 team RBIs in May not 75.

Thanks, Scott.

also I am glad we finally found out Castro isn’t a 2 hitter…. that is something I have been saying since last year!! Build around the guy in the 2 hole by acquiring some pop behind him… don’t force the kid to bulk up and try to hit homers… we are looking at a potential 3000 hits club member…

What’s really comical and sad at the same time is how much petrey hates me, to think I wield such power, driving somebody to obsession. Gotta love it, WHATEVER MAN. Soriano had a very good month of June, will we see it all year? No, because as I said before he was absent the first five weeks. What’s good for Barney is good for Soriano. The guy is hustling and trying his butt off…not good enough to vault him into a feared defender or hitter. Cue maniacal laugh…HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

i don’t hate you… just hate how you post off the wall opinions with no statistical evidence/proof/support of what you say… then you just rant on about the same shit over and over

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