6/1 Decisions, decisions

There were some head-scratching incidents in the Cubs’ 4-3 loss to the Giants on Friday. Both second baseman Darwin Barney and first baseman Jeff Baker ran after Joaquin Arias’ popup in foul territory in the second, but the ball dropped between them.

“Barney said — I don’t remember his exact words — but he was saying, ‘You, you, you,’ and he shouldn’t say anything and Baker thought he heard something so he pulled away,” Dale Sveum said. “That didn’t hurt that much.”

Arias eventually struck out. In the Cubs third, Castro singled with one out, and broke to steal second but stopped running as he approached the bag and didn’t slide. He was easily thrown out.

“When I ran, I heard something, and I thought it was a foul ball,” Castro said. “It’s not a good time to run there. It was 2-0. I’ve got the green light, but it was not a good decision.”

This season has been a test of Sveum’s patience, but he’s not rattled.

“Guys are playing hard and preparing hard, and you go out every night and it’s a different night to win a baseball game,” Sveum said. “My patience hasn’t thinned because we’re losing. Guys are doing what they can and playing as hard as they can.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Whooo that was an AWESOME game!!! Even though they lost…it was a great effort by ALL of the players! I Just want their games to be like that, with excitement and

and with a LOT of effort! I hope the Cubs play like that more often! Good job BARNEY!!!<3

lol barney did hit the ball well yesterday but that foul ball mishap was pretty nasty. Just lucky Maholm was able to strike him out and no damage done. But those catches have to be made. gl. Go cubbies.

But that foul ball mishap was on both the players…Just like that other game when Barney and DeJesus ran into eachother. Barney probably Just didn’t want that to happen again, and didn’t want to get hurt like he did last time. So then he said “you, you, you” but it wasn’t Bakers fault either. It was a misunderstanding. Barney didn’t want to get hurt again, and Baker just didn’t hear Barney. I think they both did good!🙂

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