6/2 Glove story

When Johan Santana threw the Mets’ first no-hitter on Friday, catcher Josh Thole was using Koyie Hill’s glove. Here’s the story: Hill gave Cubs bullpen catcher Andy Lane one of his All-Star model gloves last year. Lane and Thole worked out together this offseason, and Thole liked “The Koyie” so much, he switched with Lane. On Saturday, Lane exchanged text messages with Thole and found out it was Hill’s glove. Hill said he thought he recognized it watching highlights of Santana’s game.

“Your stuff looks familiar to you,” Hill said.

Hill does have a no-hitter to his credit, catching lefty Lindsay Gulin’s no-no at Triple-A in 2004.

— Carrie Muskat


Great, we’re all so happy for a piece of equipment, Hill can give away all his gear as it would do more good for somebody else than for him. Nothing can be said about Hill that will help justify his being on a major league team, his game calling and defense are not THAT good to keep ANYBODY ELSE from being the back up catcher. ANYBODY, PLEASE.

lol that’s why we got him from a AA team and he’s only covering for injured players. He’ll be dfa as soon as Soto and/or Castillo get better.

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