6/2 Throwback outfits

The Cubs began Saturday 5-0 when wearing throwback uniforms:

* May 21, 2011, at Boston: 9-3 win, 1918 style road uniforms

* May 4, 2011, at Dodgers: 5-1 win in 1944 style road unis

* June 12, 2008, vs. Braves: 3-2 win, 1948 style home unis

* June 16, 1997, at White Sox: 8-3 win, 1911 road unis

* June 21, 1992, at Philadelphia: 5-2 win, 1948 style road unis

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

This team should be thrown back, especially any player that cant’ take proper routes to catch routine flyballs in the outfield as Eric Karros so appropriatley pointed out. Wind or no wind. Wrigley has been known to have an occassional breeze too. Below average defense should not be accepted…for any reason.

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