6/3 Cubs lineup

Starlin Castro is back in the No. 3 spot in the Cubs lineup Sunday in Game 3 of their four-game series vs. the Giants:

Campana CF

Barney 2B

Castro SS

Soriano LF

Baker 1B

Stewart 3B

Johnson RF

Hill C

T. Wood P

— Carrie Muskat


Oh my GOSH!!! Barney batting second!?! Ohh Yea!!! LOVE IT!!!🙂

I know. This is the starting three I’ve been wanting to see. Let’s go Cubbies!

Ohh Yea!!! I know What you mean! I hope we win this one!🙂

I’m sad now..

Yea…me too… But we’ll get them next time!🙂 we need to be positive!!!

Indeed. Even though we lost there were still some positives to look at. Wood pitched a pretty good game. Might have been better had Soriano not been out in left. Doesn’t look like his occasional offense is making up for the lack of defense. At this point I’d rather be seeing Mather and Campana switching on left field and stick Johnson, with the stronger arm in center.

I like the WAY you think! Your right! I agree with the switching off…it would help the defense in the out field.

Good point Jesse. I’ve been thinking that all season. On top of Soriano’s already existing bad outfield instincts he now seems to be severely limited by age and knee issues as well, certainly does not belong in the outfiled for any good team determined to get better….hence he remains the Cubs’ left fielder….

Soriano’s previous play is not the issue… the issue is he needs knee surgery… I kinda think Soriano is trying to stick it out so maybe he could be traded?? IDK but he should swallow that pride and just get the surgery now. He might end up a Cub next year because of it but o well I guess. I can’t believe Sveum plays him in that condition.

I agree that Soriano should NOT be playing with his bad knee. He has made some great catches but he has ALSO cost us games with his not
being able to get to the ball in time. AND he cannot run the bases when
he gets a hit. Sveum needs to bench him and let him get his knee fixed
as soon as possible. Soriano needs to think about his life after baseball.
Unless he gets that knee fixed now he may hobble for life. I wish him well.

Another good point, this one by White. Although I wish Soriano OFF THE 40 MAN ROSTER whether he has good knees or not, whether he has improved his abysmal defense or not as he is still NOT a very good all around NL outfielder/middle of the order hitter. With that said I, like White, DO wish him a SOON to be AND healthy….POST CUB LIFE.

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