6/3 Deja vu all over again

The Cubs have been making a lot of starting pitchers look real good, and Sunday, it was Barry Zito’s turn. Zito threw 8 1/3 shutout innings to lead the Giants to a 2-0 victory over the Cubs, who lost their 10th straight road game. The Cubs’ problems haven’t just been on the road. In 14 losses since May 16, they’ve scored 13 earned runs over 95 innings against starting pitchers, who have a combined 1.23 ERA. Zito joins John Danks, Jake Peavy, Bud Norris, A.J. Burnett and Erik Bedard as starters who did not allow a run in that stretch.

“It’s the same press conference every day, a broken record,” Dale Sveum said. “I don’t know what to say to come up with something different. It’s just frustrating — I mean, golly.”

The Cubs need some kind of offense. Reed Johnson made good contact against Zito as did Starlin Castro, even though he went 0-for-4.

“Other than that, there weren’t a lot of good at-bats,” Sveum said.

In the three games in San Francisco, the Cubs have scored three runs against the Giants starting trio of Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain and Zito.

“If we knew the answer — give credit to them,” Hill said of the sputtering offense. “They’ve run three pretty good pitchers out there. We know Zito has had his issues in the past but he doesn’t look like the same guy. He’s competitive with all his pitches and it makes it tough on us, especially in a ballpark that’s not very hitter friendly to begin with.”

The Cubs now have lost 15 of their last 18 games, and nine of those games have been decided by two runs or less. Wood remained optimistic.

“We’re right there,” Wood said. “We’re going to win some ballgames.”

— Carrie Muskat 


When is Soriano going to do the right thing and retire? It is obvious he cant run at all. If he was a horse he would have been shot a long time ago…
Come on Sorri , you have enough money.. stop embarrasing yourself, where is your pride???

I agree with that comment regarding the need for Sorry to retire and suggested just that several times in the past. {You can look it up.} He is an embarrassment, for sure, and it is equivalent to highway robbery to accept those ill-gotten millions from the Cubs to stink it up. Sat. he surrounded a routine fly ball and chose to take the circuitous route and , of course, botched catching a ball 99% of major leaguers make. Sun. he threw to second base after a catch rather than hitting cut-off man Castro for a play on the runner streaking for home (providing Hill would not drop the throw as he did earlier in contest on toss from Johnson). Jon Miller commented on the Giants feed that players are taught to hit the cut-off man in that situation. Miller, in effect, said Soriano handed the Giants a gift with that bonehead play. I would add that I was trained to do just that in little league, i.e. hit the cut-off man. Find some athletes who are willing to learn and apply the fundamentals rather than slackers like Sorry who are content to mail it in. One more thing: Cubs, stop losing!

You get what u pay for and this owner hasnt spent a dime since he bought the team and then tells us that he’s building through the system so he can keep putting inferior talent on the field and you all keep drinking the kool aid. Bud selig sure knew what he was doing when he gave the team to the Rickeet family , now he has 1 less competiter in the division.

I think this team has a bright future. The current owner is doing what he can with what he has to work with. I agree Soriano has enough $$$ he could retire. He is only embarrassing himself. I am excited for the future of this team. The draft will be interesting this year for sure. I think the Cubs would release Soriano to FA. What do they have to gain by keeping him. Let the fresh new talent get experience. The team that I like watching is the Seattle Mariners, they are letting their young players get the experiance. In my opinion they are going to be a very good team in a year or 2. They set Chone Figgins because his best years are behind him – Cubs need to do the same with Soriano.

I really need to ask this question: Why hasn’t Soriano been put on the DL? He is a liability out there right now. LaHair can cover left and Rizzo can come up to cover 1st and get some MLB at bats until Sori comes back healthy. It doesn’t help the knee to keep running around on it.

Soriano is struggling to even run right now. Its painful to watch…. he needs to swallow his pride and get the surgery. There is a difference between playing through pain and playing injured. Plain and simple he needs to hit the DL. Whether that makes him a Cub next year or not.

I think the plan with Soriano was to showcase him to see if there was any suckers out there willing to make a trade (even if the Cubs paid part/most if his inflated salary)…………unfortunately after his performance yesterday his value has dropped to ZERO and its time for Plan B……its DL time. I agree with other comments on this blog, yesterday was very embarrasing and the kids are not learning anything from watching this guy go down in flames.

If I don’t see LaHair at least get some playing time in left by the all-star break I think I’m gonna start flipping out. It used to only hurt after the game was over, but now it’s hurting just to watch, having hope being crushed so hard it’s actually causing me pain.

Ahhhhh…..the consensus is in, healthy or not, Soriano has outlived his usefulness and is now on the brink of becoming a ball and chain. Vindication.

On the Brink?????????????????? Didn’t we know this last year.

I stand corrected. WE did know this last year, if not earlier. Thanks Eric!!

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