6/3 Sveum focuses on ‘pen matchups

Carlos Marmol is throwing strikes, which is what Dale Sveum wants to see. But that doesn’t mean the right-hander will automatically be back as the closer. Marmol has thrown three scoreless, hitless innings since returning from the disabled list Monday. He has struck out four in those three innings, and not walked anyone.

“That’s a good sign,” Sveum said Sunday about the lack of walks by Marmol. “The bullpen is finally shaping up a little bit, not that we have guys set in any role. To their credit, they’ve done a good job in whatever role I’ve put them in. I’ve called down there and [James] Russell gets up in the seventh or ninth or whatever.”

Marmol was 2-for-4 in save situations and had walked 18 in 11 1/3 innings before losing the job as closer and Sveum isn’t concerned about getting Marmol back into it.

“I’m not setting any goals to get anybody anywhere except to win baseball games somehow and keep the other team from scoring once their starter is out of there,” Sveum said. “The bottom line is to work the matchups as best as you possibly can to keep the other team from scoring.”

— Carrie Muskat


The mostly miserable pitching matters little when the team batting average is so low!
Campana is a rookie doofus of the first magnitude and Starlin Castro has no sense
of what to do in critical situations in the batters box or on base! Most of the team
should be in the minors and are in the process of becoming the most embarrassing
team fielded since I began going to games or watching on TV fifty years ago.

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Castro’s mental approach to the game and his errors are alarming but that is a little harsh on Campana, I think he is performing admirably considering he is being used a lot more than he would normally be used….on a GOOD team. He may not be THE answer in CF or lead-off, but he is no emabarrassment in the field, at the plate or on the base paths where he is pretty much the only threat to get an opposing pitcher nervous.

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