6/4 All-Star Chiefs

The Class A Peoria Chiefs have placed four players on the Midwest League All-Star team. They include first baseman Paul Hoilman, catcher Rafael Lopez, second baseman Zeke DeVoss and pitcher Kyler Burke. Hoilman and Lopez are both starters. Burke, a recent convert to pitching, also was named to the ’09 All-Star team as an outfielder.

— Carrie Muskat



i thought you were supossed to put a good product on the feild so people would come and support the team, i guess cub fans are stupider than i thought, to pay such high prices for tickets and get total nothing out of it but make rickeets rich why should the cubs put a good team on the feild winning is not a priority when you have stweat at third base and he can’t even run into the ball. cub fans get real, cubs front should be held accountable!

I agree 120% saw this coming this winter. Zambrano, Marshall, Ramirez
Colvin, Jim Henry where are you.

Hope Rizzo isn’t another Patterson or Pie.

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