6/4 Let’s get some runs

The Cubs need to get their offense going.

“You can’t win ballgames scoring one run or two runs a game, it just doesn’t happen,” Dale Sveum said Monday. “No matter how good your pitching and defense could possible be, you’ve got to put some numbers up on the board.”

Entering Monday’s game against the Giants, the Cubs have scored 13 earned runs over 95 innings against starting pitchers, who have a combined 1.23 ERA.

“It’s probably almost a record to think we’ve only put one meaningful crooked number up in the nine games,” Sveum said, counting the losses to the Astros, Pirates and Giants.  “We’ve put a couple crooked numbers up but the game was already out of hand. That has to be somewhat of a record.

“The bottom line is, no matter what the lineup is, we have to sustain and keep the line moving somehow on a consistent basis and we cannot do that right now,” Sveum said. “It’s very difficult it seems for us to have five or six real quality at-bats in a row.”

The Cubs aren’t alone. The Cardinals have been struggling to score runs.

“Even really good teams will have that five to eight game, sometimes even more, losing streak,” Sveum said. “It’s funny how the game works that way. The contagiousness of hitting sometimes is another cliche that seems to hold pat. You play 162 games and a lot of times, teams go through the same thing. Obviously, some teams bounce back and come back out of it and get in long winning streaks as well.”

 — Carrie Muskat


We’ve thrown up plenty of crooked numbers Mr. Manager. How is 0 not a crooked number?

0 is not a crooked number… crooked=lots of runs… 0=nice round number

lol so winning 8-0 still no crooked numbers?

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