6/4 Sveum: “It’s the last straw”

Starlin Castro was embarrassed and apologized, but Dale Sveum said he’ll bench the 22-year-old shortstop if he has another lapse in concentration. The Giants scored the tying run on a double play that wasn’t turned and then scored the go-ahead run on one that was to post a 3-2 win Monday over the Cubs and complete a sweep of the four-game series. The Giants trailed 2-1 when they loaded the bases with none out in the fifth and Jeff Samardzija got Joaquin Arias to line out to second base. Brandon Crawford hit a potential double-play ball to Darwin Barney, who flipped to Castro covering second. But Castro apparently thought that was the third out and headed toward the dugout without a throw to first. A run scored on the play to tie the game.

“It’s something that’s obviously unacceptable at any time,” Sveum said. “Whether we could have turned the double play is irrelevant to not knowing how many outs there are in the most important part of the game. These things have to stop happening or we’re just going to stop playing [him]. These kind of things are things my son does in high school — maybe.”

Did Sveum consider benching Castro at that point?

“No,” Sveum said. “I can’t take him out. I’ll have a good talking to him. It’s the last straw. If he wants to play, he better start getting his head in the game, period.”

It was Castro’s second “brain fart” — as Sveum calls them — in the series. On Friday, the shortstop also tried to steal at the wrong time and didn’t slide.

“It’s very embarrassing,” Castro said. “I apologized to my team and everybody. That kind of thing is not supposed to happen.”

— Carrie Muskat


Why can’t Sveum bench Castro NOW. How many “brain farts” is he allowed to have that help lose games? He is a major league player. Isn’t it about time he started acting like one? He is 22 yrs. old – stop using his
age to excuse his lack of attention. Age has nothing to do with his lack of attention. He is a good hitter and his defence has improved this year but none of that will help if he loses us games with lack of attention.

Agreed. Every manager can take a cue from Bobby Cox. Mental errors by a rookie should be corrected with action early so they don’t turn into veterans STILL making mental errors (Soriano). The young Castro like the old Soriano have made some remarkably poor judgments this season and if Sveum tolerates it then he is not as advertised. I would like to see the the team play without the former roomates Castro and Soriano for at least a week’s stretch, put in some players that may not hit as well but will PLAY better. Let’s see what happens with some smarter players even if less “talented”. We’ve lost enough games as it is but the play by these two the last couple of series is just an affront to us fans, the game and their teammates. Maybe having Soriano take Castro under his wing when he first came up was the bad idea some of us thought????

Just curous…how many brain farts is Soriano allowed?

He’s got tenure…

Castro needs to start collecting slivers from the bench. He is in the major leagues-not Class A or even high school ball. Even at those levels, they don’t allow inattention. And by the way, would I be the first to suggest that Sveum is perhaps not the guy to manage this team? I never expected the Cubs to be contenders this year, but mediocrity would be nice. To lose games at this pace is, in my opinion, unacceptablel-no manager should be allowed to simply watch his team be disintegrate. Show some life once in a while-kick some butt-something. I think we need to get someone else in here–assuming we could get a quality manager to accept leading this bunch. Every game it’s something else. No good! Where’s Leo when we really need him?

Yeah Loggers, so far Sveum has not been the no nonsense manager I hoped for. Understanding he doesn’t have much talent to work with but he still can make choices to work with the BEST available players allotted him. If those players are not the most talented but have good instincts to play their position, hustle, make smart plays, take good routes, know how many outs….etc. then they should get the LF job and the SS job for at least a couple of weeks giving the two goofballs some time on the bench. It would be a boon for Sveum to show the fans and media that he can sit both a seasoned veteran like Soriano and a raw kid like Castro on the bench, SIDE BY SIDE instructing them to think about their future (well, at least Castro’s future as Soriano has no future with the Cubs) with this organization and how important it is to

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Carrie –
Castro is clearly not going to be a gold glove shortstop. Why doesn’t Theo/Jeb/Dale cash in their chips now and move him to second? It’s an easy experiment because Barney was brought up at shortstop and has proven solid at second. Moving Castro to second would reduce his workload with the shorter throw and less action. If Castro had less defensive stress, it might make his offensive production even better. With Barney at short, you get a solid defender with an adequate bat (albeit not much more than what they had with Ryan Theriot). Plus moving Barney to short may make his trade value higher down the road. Seems like the time to experiment with something like this is now.

lol I like Barney at short but lets just get rid of Castro all together. Trade him for a starting pitcher and an outfielder with a strong arm while his value’s high. I’m good building around Barney, Campy, and Rizzo, with Samardzija at start and Russell at close. Everyone else can go. lol you could even stick baker at 2nd until we find a replacement.

Getting rid of Castro all together to me seems reactionary. He’s 22 and he has (and will continue to) put up stellar offensive numbers (+.300 ave with 200+ hits). Moving him to second may not be ideal, but trading him will undoubtedly come back to haunt the Cubs. The “growing pains” that everyone talks about could be alleviated by a switch to an easier position such as second (LF seems a bit far fetched to me).

I AGREE 100%. Barney has been a shortstop through his entire career. He played shortstop or Oregon State when they won the National title twice. He has played 2nd base tremendously well with only one error this year. He would be a great shortstop.

Hey, wait a minute, since it is just a matter of time before the embarrassing (according to several sports casters on different channels….) Soriano is put out of his (our) misery by being traded, DL’d, or released…what about Castro and HIS strong arm given a shot in LF? Or maybe even CF with LaHair in LF, Rizzo at 1B and Campy as the super sub/pinch runner? It might be a way to keep his good bat and buy some time before giving up on him??? It’s all crazy at this point so we can TRY ANYTHING!!!🙂

did not get to see the game but i see the aramis rameriz effect all ready on this kid, its to bad there was not a better role model when he came up that being said we are gonna lose record amount of games this year shipp his ass back to aa ball for a month see how he likes rideing the bus again carring own bags and so forth i know the cubs won’t do this and that just shows me they really do not care its all talk as long as the seats are full what does it matter

It’s kind of ironic that the Cubs thought it was time to bring up Castro (I guess because he can hit) and start the clock running on his free agency instead of letting him mature and get smarter in the minors yet there are people out there raising a stink about bringing up Rizzo and or Jackson because of the “clock” starting too early and the Cubs “losing control”….hmmmm….makes you wonder if it’s all hit or miss anyway so why not bring up Rizzo and Jackson? They are probably more ready mentally than Castro and Rizzo seems to be hitting as well as Castro ever did in the minors and Jackson is hitting respectable and plays good defense. Not sayin’…just sayin’…

Eh Oh Ayyyy. Castro will mature and be the world series MVP in 2116,.

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