6/4 Cubs pick Almora

The Cubs picked outfielder Alberto Almora in the first round of the Draft today, sixth overall. Almora has played for six USA National Baseball teams, and was USA Baseball’s Athlete of the Year and MVP of the Pan-Am Games in 2011. Almora hit .603 with 13 doubles, five triples, six homers, 34 RBIs and had 24 stolen bases in 25 games for Mater Academy last season. He’s 18, and attended Mater Academy Charter in Hialeah Gardens, Fla.

— Carrie Muskat 


This guy is SO cute! And he’s older then me!?! I can’t wait to see him play…hopefully he has more then good looks, Especially since he’s young!🙂

And I hope he can bat REALLY good, because we all know that our batting is were we need the most help!!!

lolz ditchin’ Barney for the new guy just like that, and after he hits.500 for the day.

Never Ditch Barney! I LOVE HIM! He’s my HERO! I will never do that!!! I’ve been HIS fan since Triple A!!!

Really Isabel….Barney is old news…ALREADY? tsk, tsk, tsk….

I’ve been HIS biggest fan since Triple A!!! He’s never gonna be “old news” to me!!! NEVER!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh NO!!!!!! I LOVE BARNEY! I’m HIS biggest fan!!! I memorized ALL of HIS stats! And HIS NEW batting average after every game! I LOVE HIM! I just hope this kid can hit Because we NEED more runs! Please you guys! You guys know I will never say BYE to BARNEY! He’s my HERO!!!🙂

Yes Isabel…we know. Just had to kid you a little😉


Did you guys See the ending of the game when the Cubs were going to the dug out? Well they showed BARNEY instead of all the other players! It’s because they knew I was watching, and they knew I LOVE HIM too!!!🙂

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