6/6 Lesson learned for Castro

When Dale Sveum was interviewed for the Cubs manager’s job, he was asked how he would have handled Starlin Castro after the shortstop was revealed to not be paying attention during a nationally televised game, and criticized on air by Bobby Valentine. Obviously, Cubs GM Jed Hoyer liked Sveum’s response, because he was hired. Hoyer said neither he nor Theo Epstein influenced how Sveum handled Castro when the shortstop made a defensive gaffe in San Francisco.  It was all Sveum.

“That was something we talked about in the interview process,” Hoyer said Wednesday. “[Castro] had already had that Bobby Valentine moment and missed that pitch. We were hoping he’d never have another incident and he did. That’s why you hire a manager — that’s the manager’s job. Dale did that on his own, and I think it was a perfect tone.”

Sveum told Castro that the lapses in concentration would not be tolerated, and on Tuesday, the shortstop played what Hoyer thought was his best game of the season.

“As far as how he fits in our plans, he’s a huge part of our plans,” Hoyer said of Castro. “He’s a shortstop who can hit, who can run and he’s getting better defensively. Those are hard to find. You look around baseball and almost every time we play another team, we have the better shortstop on the field and that’s a great feeling to have. We do have to address those [lapses] and I think Dale has struck the perfect tone with Starlin — ‘Hey, I like you, I get it, but it’s got to stop.’ That’s a big part of why we hired Dale, he can strike that balance. I don’t think Starlin resents him for it, I think Starlin understands. Maybe that was a good thing to happen in the long run. I hoping that’s the case. Maybe that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back from Dale’s perspective, maybe that ends up being a big positive.”

— Carrie Muskat 


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And the difference between Castro’s mental blunders and Soriano’s? It is now evident that Castro at least has a future with the Cubs and the way Sveum works with him to correct his focus on the game is his call. Also, if NOTHING is done to correct the veteran Soriano’s focus on the game and bad instincts in LF that too is o.k. with me because Soriano is now MOOT concerning the future of the Cubs and all that is needed is patience, he will not (CAN’T) be considered part of the outfiled next season…unless inept defense and old age is what Epstein meant by sustained success. I think not, Epstein knows what he’s doing including “putting up” with Hendriano in LF…for the time being.

Castro should have been benched the very next game after his unacceptable gaffe; his head was not in the game and Sveum displayed zero leadership by not disciplining the offending Castro. game

Castro and Soriano are being treated with kid gloves. One because he is part of the future and a very good hitter, the other to prop up his trade value as this may be the last year Soriano has ANY value to a contender.

It is very sad to see what has become of our team. There are only a couple of players on the Cubs who have ANY value whatsoever. They will bring only prospects who will take several years to develop. The worse this gets the less optimistic I become. Only until this team is made up of all youngsters will it begin to grow. (hopefully).

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