6/7 Soriano to DH vs Twins

The Cubs will take advantage of Interleague play in an American League ballpark and use Alfonso Soriano as the designated hitter, giving him three days off a sore left knee.

“It’s coming right at the right time,” Dale Sveum said of the three-game series against the Twins, which starts Friday. “I’ve been playing [Soriano] every day. He’s that one threat in our lineup and it’s hard to give him days off at all. To his credit, he doesn’t want any days off and he doesn’t take days off from work. You have to give him credit for that.”

Soriano entered Thursday’s game with nine home runs in his last 21 games, dating to May 15, more than any other player in the Major Leagues from that date. His left knee is tender, but hasn’t limited him at the plate. It does make it difficult for him to stop in the field when he’s chasing after balls.

Soriano has started 52 of the Cubs’ 57 games in left. He’s impressed Sveum with his pre-game preparation as well as his attitude during batting practice.

“He’s not taking any days off in the outfield and working,” Sveum said. “That’s the most impressive thing of all. … I have tons of admiration for Soriano. He’s been far and above anything I’ve expected.”

— Carrie Muskat


His expectations must have been extremely low. I do agree that Soriano has an excellent attitude toward working hard, prepping, etc. that has been obvious all year. The sad fact is no matter how well he impresses….the body, instincts and ability are just no longer hi-caliber. I still think there is an organization-wide directive to prop up Soriano, down play all his faults and accentuate that….he still hits homeruns.

The problem is obvious; his lack of mobility causes defensive lapses. These are the things the Cubs’ pitching staff can’t absorb. There’s no margin left for defensive liabilities.

I would think if the organization wasn’t in the “throw in the towel” mode something would be done about both Soriano’s physical limitations as well as his instinctive limitations. But since they are all about not embarrassing Soriano whether out of respect for him or to keep ANY trade interest viable, he is being touted as the “hard working, much improved defensive player, everyday left fielder and a real dedicated guy” which is all true…doesn’t make him very good. Funny stuff watching Soriano’s last days with the Cubs play out. Makes for good entertainment since we are being denied the opportunity to watch some minor leaguers “try out” in the bigs for next season. After the trade deadline all this will be fleshed out….let’s hope.

Hey Sveum, put Reed Johnson at leadoff again! What brilliant idea! And oh god PLEASE put Ian Stewart in again, along with Baker. These guys just crush the ball! And look Sveum, if you can have brain farts like this tell me why are you allowed to crap all over Castro?

You know…Soriano is who he is, even I need to back off the bashing as you can only beat a dead horse so much. Now it’s time to just watch the fireworks (fire sale?) and enjoy what will become an evolving roster by the end of the year. Sveum has such limited options for lead off, third hitter and clean up I suppose if anybody gets a pass it should be him. I’m still enjoying the simple absence of Quade and Hendry so we got that going for us.

I’m surprised that the Cubs Medical staff has let him play this long with the bum L knee. I realize he’s starting to hit, but he’s a huge defensive liability. Put him on the DL or beg some team out there to take him. He needs rest on that knee first before any trade would be made.

ohhh hey Carrie…Do you ever get any tickets you don’t need? let me have them lol

i just don’t see a firesale happening… i wish it would happen but there is just too much crap on this team.

lar271, a huge defensive liability…are you sure? Did you investigate stats? Why I thought I was the only one of that OPINION…..I’m completley on board with YOUR OPINION!!! Maybe the medical staff is told to “keep him going”….just so he looks as good as he can….what a laugh.

Believe it or not I am VERY HAPPY Soriano had a great night in MN!!! Mulit-homer game and booming shots. ALL WHILE BEING A DH!!! Any AL takers???? Please?

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