6/8 Got a question?

On Monday, we’ll try to run a Cubs mailbag. Got a question? Send it to CubsInbox@gmail.com, and please include your full name and hometown. Thanks.

— Carrie Muskat


Do we expect to continue the 7 year run of over 3 million in attendance this year and next?

answer= not if we continue at this pace……. time to make some moves Theo

When are the Cubs going to stop losing? I`ve been admonishing them to do just that for a long spell, but to no avail. They are not receiving my pleas; Garza and some other starting hurlers should sue the offense for non-support. I know a good solicitor who could go to bat for the pitchers, since the position players are impotent. It would be an easy case to prove, methinks. Can anyone advise me regarding another tack I might take to get the offense to listen to me?

I have been a die hard Cubs fan all of my life, but seems like this year is a new low. I realize that Epstien wants to put his own stamp on the team, but I can barely stand to even watch a full game. My family and I were planning a trip to Wrigley from Arkansas this summer, but have since cancelled and maybe going to Arlington instead. Attendence is down and Cubs fans are not willing to wait for a REBUILD. If Epstein can trade Soriano, Dempster, Soto etc… and with Zambranos money completely off the bookd do you think that next year Cubs might make some trades or free agent signings that might be meaningful or are they truly in a rebuild that will take 4 to 5 years to put them into contention?

I am hearing nothing from the Cubs signing ANY of their draft choices. Arizona has signed 30 draft choices, what gives?

I think some of these veterans should give up some of their grossly overpaid salaries so that the Cubs can sign these draftees.

I agree avec tomntex and have been a lone voice in the forest about that issue for long while. Problem is most major leaguers are selfish and have tunnel vision and cannot speak intelligently about any subject other than baseball. Would not even ponder the thought of returning part of salary one felt he did not earn. (See Kerry Wood). I have never heard of any player ever doing that, but would admire any individual who would have the stones do be magnando just that.

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