6/9 Samardzija roughed up

It was a tough day for Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija. He gave up eight runs, including six in the fourth, against the Twins. Samardzija entered the game with a 2.26 ERA in his last eight starts, and had not given up more than five runs. On Saturday, he was charged with eight runs on nine hits over 3 2/3 innings, matching his shortest start of the season. It’s the most runs off a Cubs starter this season.

— Carrie Muskat


Wow its 21 under 500 Baseball a Team with maybe 4 players worth keeping and some that shouldn’t be in The Major’s !

Did Soriano switch to a lighter bat? He is a better player this year than he has been for a few years. Too bad his knees are so bad

when is it time to make changes?
Stewart by by
Trade Dempster for 2 young pitchers
Soriano good bye
Bring up Rizzo, Vitters and maybe Jackson
Is Epstein here to rebuild or destroy

Soriano is now using a bat one ounce lighter, I think Sveum may have talked him into it, not sure. He is a much better hitter with the lighter bat but not a much better PLAYER. He has improved in the outfield no doubt but nowhere near a good, instinctive outfielder, only much better than his previous years. It is too bad he waited until his knee(s?) and age are now too unsurmountable to become a steady leftfielder with the Cubs. Best case for him is to repair his knee, stay in shape and accept (if not request) being a full time DH. The few games in MN has already paid dividends for him and maybe it will get the ball rolling for a trade???

Don’t see where one ounce is going to make a difference.

The guy is getting older/weaker and he did NOTHING the beginning of the season and now he is HITTING. Even I can see that and I am one of his biggest critics. The ounce is helping. Hopefully it will help get some AL team interested in his services as DH.

you haven’t swung a bat very much if you think one ounce won’t make a difference…. one once or even a half inch off length can make a huge difference.

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