6/10 Cubs lineup

One thing is certain: Alfonso Soriano will be the designated hitter when the Cubs face the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. Soriano will be the DH Sunday as the Cubs close their three-game series against the Twins. Here’s the lineup:

Johnson LF

Castro SS

DeJesus RF

Soriano DH

Baker 1B

Mather CF

Barney 2B

Stewart 3B

Hill C

Dempster P

— Carrie Muskat


Barney looked good at shortstop yesterday!

Barney was playing shortstop yesterday!?

I hope Dempster does great today!!!…and Barney too!🙂

I’ve been a Cubs fan for over forty years, but this year has been most trying. Losing twenty out of the last twenty-four games is despicable. If these guys are “busting their butts” as Sveum says, then they need different guys. The talent is obviously not there. Do something!!!!!!

Once again Brian LaHair is sitting against left handed pitching. He’s fourth in the NL in All Star balloting for 1B and is tied for the club lead in HRs but they don’t even show enough confidence in him to play him against lefties. I don’t see Baker as part of the team’s future. I don’t understand why LaHair isn’t playing every day. He didn’t hit 39 Hrs in the PCL last year against only righthanders.

I hear ya Joe, It’s as if Sveum believes any edge vs. a lefty is more important than playing LaHair vs. lefties. I understand LaHair is struggling vs. lefthanders but to sit him for “JUST” Baker is ridiculous considering Baker is one of many players that can leave anytime and not be missed. An occasional day off is one thing but to sit LaHair (our best OPTION at 1B) and Campana (our best OPTION at CF) for extended games vs. lefties just doesn’t make sense. The best all around players should play the majority of the games at least to see how they play out for next season. I could understand if we had other promising, TALENTED rookies vying for some time in CF and 1B but WE DON’T. I would rather see LaHair take the collar vs. lefties, play a good first base and HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to occasionally “defy the odds” and hit a lefthander. And I would rather see Campana catch everything in CF and HAVE A CHANCE TO SOMEHOW GET ON BASE….but Baker, Mather and any other bench player taking away their AB’s is MOOT and gets us what? The chance to see insignificant bench players get an occasional hit vs. a lefty…HOW’S THAT GOING FOR US???

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