6/10 Winning is everything

The Cubs play their 60th game of the season on Sunday, and they are unfortunately on pace to lose 100 games. The last team to do that? The 1966 Cubs went 59-103, as did the ’62 team.

“Hopefully, you change the pace,” Dale Sveum said. “You laugh about it, but it’s definitely there. It’s a reality. You don’t want any kind of label like that.”

He’s tried different lineup combinations.

“On an every day basis, everybody wants you to snap and yell and scream, but if I had something to snap and yell and scream about, I’ve already done that once, and what are you going to do?” Sveum said. “Are you going to keep doing it? It doesn’t make much sense when guys are busting their [butts] and preparing every single day. It’s not like we’re throwing balls all over the place. We just have to get better in certain areas. We know that. Unfortunately, that mark is there after 60 games to shoot, right now, break a lot of records. We have to win some baseball games.”

— Carrie Muskat


Another great game pitched by Ryan Dempster today at Target Field! An 8-0 shut out into the 9th. Dempster should have had the chance for a complete game because the Cubs reliever corps once again failed a stellar performance. Cubs won 8-2 but were lucky it was only 2 runs allowed. When will they do something about the bullpen?!

Baseball is a nice game, my kids love it and my friends love it too. ;

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