6/11 Soler power

The Cubs have apparently won the bidding war for Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler, according to reports Monday. Sources have confirmed to MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez that Soler’s agents accepted the Cubs bid of a nine-year, $30 million deal. The Cubs would not comment on the reports. The 20-year-old outfielder was declared a free agent last week. He needed to sign by July 2 or be subjected to new CBA guidelines that will limit spending on international prospects. He must pass a physical before signing with the team.

Soler is not going to help the Cubs this year. He will need time in the Minor Leagues to develop. But he could be part of a core group of young talent that will propel the Cubs into the postseason consistently, joining Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and Brett Jackson.

— Carrie Muskat


9 years, 30 mil? If that’s true, comparing THAT deal to the Godawful deal that fell into Soriano’s over-rated lap htis kid can do NOTHING and it will still look like a good signing. Soler has a lot riding on him now and can make us forget about the warm bodies (DeJesus and Stewart) that Hoystein for some reason felt he needed to obtain for a bad team. NOW can we bring up the kids and let them all get comfy-cozy with each other in the bigs? LF LaHair, CF Soler, RF Jackson, 3B Vitters (hey, he doesn’t need to do much to be better than Stewart, right?), SS Castro, 2B Barney, 1B Rizzo, C clevenger/Castillo. I know, STILL too early….ARGHHHH.

good signing… very anxious to see him play

good grief joey…. the guy hasn’t even stepped foot in the US and you already want him playing in the ML… its going to take time… could take a couple years… could be this september… no one knows because this guy has been a ghost up until now.

The Cubs’ front office needed this signing to inject a fresh dose of hope into the Cubby Faithful, especially after being on pace to go 54-108 on the season. Some of us are getting a little old and have been waiting and hoping since Santo was in his prime. It’s hope like Soler, Rizzo and others that make me think I just might live long enough to make it to the promised land.

Hey Joe, spot on. It’s signing these young (well, 20 yrs old surely is an age that a great player can break into the majors with very little u.s. minor league ball if they are good enough, not likley but not ridiculous) prospects that give us fans more hope than the eight year siginings of a DH or the ludicrous signing of a Milton Bradley free agent. The post Hendry era is starting to shape up. Credit to the Hendry regime for what may be his last mark on this team and that was the signing of Castro who holds up my point about being very young, having very little U.S. baseball experience and STILL breaks into the majors a lot sooner than SOME people would have thought possible. Wasn’t he even younger (19?) than Soler when he became a MAJOR LEAGUE player? We may not see Soler in a Cub uniform for a few years, maybe never OR we MAY see him by the end of this season. Certainly NO FAN can know this about Soler. He may be as close to a Cub uniform as Rizzo or Jackson who’s talent DIDN’T command a 30 million dollar contract. I’m just humbly sayin’….

joey castro played in the minor leagues for 4 years before breaking into the major leagues… was also signed at 17 not 20…. Soler should not be compared to Castro…. its a totally different situation….. plus this FO will be patient with him…. NOT RUSH him like SOME FAN wants them to do just because we suck now….

Hi Carrie.
It is my understanding that the contract to Soler has an “opt out” at some point. What good is locking up somebody you feel has an upside if they are not bound to the contract? I think I am missing something. Thank you,

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