6/12 Cubs lineup

It’s back to National League style baseball vs. an American League team as the Cubs open a six-game homestand against the Tigers and Red Sox. No DH, so Alfonso Soriano is back in left field for the Cubs. Prince Fielder has to be happy to be back at Wrigley Field. He has a career .298 batting average here with 11 homers and 15 RBIs. Here’s the lineup:

Campana CF

Castro SS

DeJesus RF

Soriano LF

LaHair 1B

Clevenger C

Barney 2B

Stewart 3B

Maholm P

— Carrie Muskat


Surprised Sveum still putting Campana in lead-off with the difference in numbers between DeJesus and Campana in that spot. DeJesus seems to perform better in the number 1 slot. Not that I want him there, I just figured Sveum would play the numbers like he’s been doing.

I think I want Castro and DeJesus to switch. Dejesus hit 2nd and Castro hit 3rd

Jesse, I agree. The better hitter is obviously Castro and he should be 3. Why Sveum is escalating DeJesus’s batting prowess to a number 3 hitter is weird. Lack of a better option? No, there is Castro. Typically the best hitter on the team is your 3 hitter with the two best power bats behind him. Does it matter at this point? No, just gives us something to talk/moan about I guess.

You know Whats funny? Every year Cubs fans ALWAYS say, “This is the year. There gonna do good!” And now were 20-40…we need to keep having faith in them, we do every year!🙂

It’s good to see that Baker is not in the lineup tonight. It would be better to NEVER see him in the lineup again.

I am a bit surprised we do not try one of our bench players more often at 3rd although our 3rd baseman finally got his average up to .200.

Isabel, I think only Ronnie said that EVERY year, he being the ultimate home fan. RIP. But I would bet most of us fans realize what we’re up against, and when we know Soriano returns as our left filelder, Castro is error prone, we have no LEGIT lead off man, Marmol is no closer….we also know 2012 and more than likley the next 2 years will NOT be the year. And then to pour salt in the wound……they bring back Koyie Hill….THAT was the offiical surrender.

I say it every year too!🙂

Hey hey, try to be more positive Joey. With Soriano’s bat heating up I wouldn’t be surprised if an AL team picked him up before the trade deadline. I’m not saying he’s a prime ticket, but someone with DH woes can benefit. There have been rumors of a few scouts who might be interested. I say anything to get him off the team at this point. And as for Hill, he was only brought in because ALL of our catchers were on DL. Lalli, or whatever his name is, could not have played every game so they brought in someone cheap who was already familiar with the pitches and signs. I think it was a great temporary pick-up, and as soon as Soto and/or Castillo are better I’m pretty sure Hill will be DFA, or brought in as a coach. As for Castro, I’m still waiting for him to develop a little before I judge too harshly. Look at Tulowitzki, two silver sluggers and gold gloves and now hes hitting under .300 and has 8 errors on the season so far. I think Castro has tremendous potential and I can’t wait to see what he brings to this team in the future. But Marmol, I think is done. I would really like to see Russell as our prime closer next year and maybe pick up another lefty for the pen. I also think if Campana puts on some weight and works on his contact at the plate he has Ricky Henderson potential, so there’s your lead-off man. Hey Carrie are you getting all this..? Well, as I also say every year, ‘next year. next year is ours’. GO CUBBIES!!!

Well on the bright side, CUBS WON IT!!! GOOD JOB BARNEY AND CAMPANA!!!😀

lol haven’t seen a game in a while that would benefit so much from instant replay. calls in our favor where it counted. nice game cubbies. lets get streakin’.


Castro is your prototypical 2 hitter… he hits better in the 2 hole (this year 308 vs 333)…. we need to get guys behind Castro to make this team better… we have the worst 3, 4 and 5 in baseball. Rizzo will help a little bit but even with him we are still very lacking in run production. Dejesus and Campana could put together a nice platoon in the leadoff spot and barney would provide us with great defense and at least hold down the fort in the 8 spot. All the spots in between are sub par and killing any rallies we try to get going. I agree with Jesse that Soriano could easily be gone by the trade deadline. It just depends on how much we can swallow/eat of the contract but if we save 3-5 million on that contract the next couple years its a win-win situation for both teams involved. I bet Soriano rakes as a DH in the AL…. the dude can flat out hit

Jesse … I salute you! Nice comment. I would have to argue your point about Campana ever having Ricky Henderson potential however and I am a Camana fan! Along with the favored calls last night the team scored runs due to their hustling, smart and intuitive players those being Barney (yay Isabel!!), Campana and Johnson as opposed to the not so intuitive Soriano who was caught off first on the ol’ fake to third, throw to first….yikes! Who was the last Cub to get caught in that situation? Or even the last time it happened in the majors? Well, Soriano has another wet feather in his cap….make that two more as the “beautiful” route he took to the wall exposed his inadequacy as an outfielder despite his “tremendous, world reknown defensive improvement….from horrendous to just embarrassing”. I hope you’r right Jesse and an AL can be DESPERATE enough for a DH to even consider Soriano because I think only the once Hendry lead Cubs are the only team to consider him in the outfield. The LITTLE ability Soriano offers is far outweighed by his inability.

Soriano is just getting older! I rather see him at the plate, and Johnson as left. Campana is in Centerfield. And DeJesus in rightfield…but if you remember he did get sort of better in his defense…at least he doesnt jump while catching a pop up, then MISS it!!! But he has fixed little things here and there…(and yes I know, Isn’t Barney just great!?! Haha)

Isabel, no hop is the accomplishment??? Not much to hang your hat on. And YES, Barney is SOOOOOO great he could play left field!!!!!🙂

lol that’s a stretch. But if anything, I could see Barney moving over and sticking Castro in left. lol not gonna happen though. hope we get a streak goin.. Go Cubbies!

Well…I dont care were they stick Barney, Because he’s just so great that he will be good any where!😉 and I just want to know and see him playing!!!

I was kidding about Barney in LF!! (although he’d be better defensivley than Soriano)

Haha I was too🙂 (But Im going to wear my Barney shirt today just in honor of him being so awesome!)

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