6/12 Jaramillo dismissed

Rudy Jaramillo, a legendary hitting coach in Texas who couldn’t get the Cubs to adapt his plan, was dismissed on Tuesday. Jaramillo, 61, was in his third season with the Cubs. He will be replaced by James Rowson, the Cubs’ Minor League hitting coordinator, on an interim basis. The Cubs currently rank 10th in the National League in batting with a team .247 average but have struggled to deliver in clutch situations. They rank 14th in runs scored, and were hitting .232 with runners in scoring position. Jaramillo has helped young Starlin Castro, who was batting .308, and also Alfonso Soriano, who leads the Majors with 12 home runs since May 15. But the rest of the team has scuffled, especially against left-handed pitchers, batting a collective .223. Rowson, 35, joined the Cubs during the offseason after six seasons in the Yankees organization, including the last four years as their Minor League hitting coordinator.

The Cubs batted .255 in 2 1/2 seasons with Jaramillo. This year, they hit .259 in May but were batting .238 in June.

— Carrie Muskat

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Who was it that helped Soriano DO NOTHING the first five weeks of the season….or don’t those weeks count? (and arguably the past two years) About time, just another Jim Hendry “free agent of the day” signing to be purged. Jaramillo was just a SPLASH Hendry felt was needed to gain attention, headlines and to keep his delusion of playing with the big boys. Jaramillo was never worth the star status or the contract that Hendry gave him. This purge offers some credability to what Epstein can do. Culling the lame herd so to speak. Now what should we expect with Castro? If Jaramillo has “helped” the young, .300 hitting Castro then with Jaramillo gone Castro’s offense will suffer? Hardly. Good job Theo, keep it up and keep em’ coming.

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