6/12 Soriano: “It’s sad to see Rudy go”

Most of the Cubs didn’t find out Rudy Jaramillo had been dismissed as the hitting coach until they arrived at Wrigley Field on Tuesday.

“You never like to see somebody go but we have to move forward, we have to focus on trying to win ballgames,” Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney said. “We’re going to miss Rudy.”

Jaramillo was in the final year of his contract and let go because of the Cubs’ offensive woes. They were hitting .247 overall, and ranked 11th in the National League with runners in scoring position.

“I feel, every hitter here feels it’s our responsibility that he lost his job because we didn’t do the job,” Alfonso Soriano said. “That’s hard when you see guys like Rudy, who like to work. He liked to work and we felt comfortable with him. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and made the game so difficult. It’s very sad to see him go.”

Theo Epstein complimented Jaramillo on his ability to work with a hitter on his mechanics. Epstein said they wanted more attention paid to the approach at the plate.

“Rudy was very individualistic,” Barney said. “He worked with guys on different things. With me, it was more the mechanical side of things early and I felt I had a pretty good approach to hitting and did my homework. With other guys, he talked more approach. You’re not going to really talk to someone like Jeff Baker about his mechanics. He’s been doing this for a long time, and he knows how to hit a baseball. You probably talk to him more about the approach. He worked with guys on different things and what they thought they needed.”

— Carrie Muskat


I hope Soriano cheers up, he’s just not the same when he’s sad. Also, it’s just a matter of time when the unspeakable sadness caused by the jarring dismissal of the best “free agent” hitting coach ever to don a baseball uniform is completley wiped cleaned by the ultimate pure JOY of Soriano’s departure!!! Woo Hoo! Come on AL sucker GM!!

I’ve almost given up on the Cubs! I watched last nights game and I’m shocked that Soriano is still playing. His defense almost cost us the game. His base running almost cost us the game. He’s terrible. Players are giving their all and to have the game almost decided by this lazy overpaid player is a joke.
The announcers won’t evan say anything bad about him. He gets caught on a fake to third throw to first????? They just said a couple weeks ago on a during a game…nobody gets caught on this move anymore. He can’t be that smart – maybe that’s his problem. Either way…swallow his salary and get rid of him. He’s a cancer!

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Wait a minute chitowne….you’re saying as I have been saying Soriano is BAD? Gulp, we MUST be wrong because according to the Gospel Of Petrey…”the dude can flat out hit”. Why he can flat out hit so well he must be as feared as Pujols, Braun or Hamilton. Flat out hit? the ROAD….PLEASE! I must however disagree with your assessment of Soriano being lazy, he may APPEAR to be lazy due to his anability to read the flight of the ball, his bad knees/legs, his old age, his brain cramps, his fear of the wall….but that’s jus being BAD, not lazy. I think he actually puts forth a decent effort, just not enough to overcome his sheer lack of OVERALL talent.

Okay you’re probably right about that. Geting caught off of first base on the fake throw to third…enough is enough!!!

That was a classic gaff, combined with his embarrassing attempt to catch a fly ball should be enough to bench him but as we all know he’s SORIANO and he is GREAT and worked ever so hard on improving his defense….yeesh, it’s got to be the most laughable “cover up” in all of MLB this season. A rookie makes two BLUNDERS like that in ONE GAME and he probably gets a few days off…. Can you imagine if lil Tony Campans got caught off first on the fake to third move? He would be reprimanded for not having his head in the game and be “too” aggressive. Well, MAYBE Soriano was reprimanded, who knows?

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