6/12 Trade deadline approaching

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer now shift their focus from the Draft to the upcoming July 31 Trade Deadline.

“It’s true that once the Draft is over with, there seems to be more of a focus on the trade market,” Epstein said Tuesday. “There are more phone calls being made now than 10 days ago. Certainly, that’s something we’ll evaluate. We’re in a position where any opportunity to get better, any opportunity to improve our future is something we have to take seriously, even if it means making difficult decisions about the product that we’re putting on the field right now. We’ll evaluate those things. That said, there are 25 guys in there working really hard and preparing hard to win each night.”

There are reports that the Dodgers are interested in Ryan Dempster, and other teams have been scouting Matt Garza, who will start Wednesday against the Tigers. Epstein said they will explore all options, with the goal being to build a solid foundation.

— Carrie Muskat 


The one thing the Cubs can never do enough of is blow it up. With a youth movement and rebuilding effort LONG overdue, the Cubs should cash in anybody not in their future plans, whenever they envision we’ll be equipped to win. While others love Dempster, I would have been glad to see him go when he choked in Game 1 years ago. That was his chance and he let us all down. Should have let him go then.

“A solid foundation”, this is good to hear from Epstein as it gives us fans hope that Soriano and all other players that are inferior defensivley will be gone because after all if Epstein aspires to creating a solid foundation he MUST consider having players of at least good to above average defensive skills part of a good foundation.

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Theo the hitting coach doesn’t hit the baseball. The 25 guys should relax WERE in last Place OUR Level is THE BASEMENT of the entire NL. Your at the HIGH STAKES table with your know-how and you pick on Rudy -really ?????????

I don’t think I or theo or anybody is “picking” on Rudy. I think Theo is using the abysmal offense as an excuse to launch yet another Hendry hold over and pave the way to bring in one of his own guys in due time just as he did when firing Quade and bringing in Sveum. He wasn’t picking on Quade he was making room for his guy as should be expected when an entire overhaul is needed. It’s just another baby step in a long walk back to respectability. Maybe Epstein has better plans for spending millions and millions of dollars other than on a hitting instructor. Who’s losing sleep over Jaramillo’s firing? If he’s that good he’ll get a job, if not he will easily retire on what was given him.

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