6/13 Rizzo hot topic

Dale Sveum is checking the boxscores just like everyone else to see what Anthony Rizzo did that day at Triple-A Iowa. Rizzo, who did not play Wednesday after bruising his right knee on Tuesday, was batting .367 and currently leads the Pacific Coast League with 22 home runs. He’s hit four homers in his last three games. Sveum and Theo Epstein, the Cubs president of baseball operations, have talked about the highly touted first baseman often.

“We haven’t come up with any set time yet [to call him up],” Sveum said Wednesday. “Obviously, we’ve talked about it. Still, we haven’t come up with that set date.”

It’s hard to ignore his offensive numbers, especially when the big league team is struggling.

“His name is brought up pretty much every day,” Sveum said. “He’s that guy — you get your email and look at the Minor League report right away to see if he hit another home run, which he’s done quite a bit lately.”

— Carrie Muskat


What’s the rules for paying Rizzo if he’s called up before the All-Star break? He’ll be here before the end of the season, kinda like Castro a few years ago, but I wonder if his call-up is due to money more than anything. Like they don’t want to have to pay him league minimum and want to keep him at his minor league contract.

I believe if he spends too much time in the majors they wont get to lock him down for one more season. So yes, as always, it’s a money issue.

If that’s the case I guess they don’t care about Castro’s time since they brought HIM up even younger than Rizzo on a team that was also going nowhere. Worrying about how long they can lock up a player may have some merit on some other teams that may not have gone a century without a World Series win but for the Cubs assembling the players that have spent enough time in the minors, have potential, have talent, easily out perform the bums already on the ML roster, have NOTHING left to prove (good or bad) in the minors on the same team so the core of the future can develop together….CUBS ASSEMBLE!!!

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