6/14 Cubs lineup

Ian Stewart is headed to the DL because of his left wrist and Luis Valbuena is starting at third base on Thursday in the Cubs series finale against the Tigers. Valbuena was batting .303 in 58 games at Triple-A Iowa, and has played mostly second base. Here’s the lineup:

Campana CF

Castro SS

DeJesus RF

Soriano LF

LaHair 1B

Clevenger C

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

T. Wood P

— Carrie Muskat 


So if Vitters is SOOOOOO bad that he can’t be called up even as a last resort to play HIS position what does that say? He’s pretty bad I guess if a second baseman is being called up and given a start at third base. So now we have Valbuean and Cardenas, two infelders making to the big club ahead of Vitters. What better time than now to give Vitters one insignificant opportunity to see if he can handle the big leagues after underwhelming in the minors? We need to cut strings with Vitters if he keeps getting overlooked, right? Stewar was BAD so far, how much worse could Vitters be? Find out. Now Valbuena may be hitting much better than Vitters so I see that reasoning…but so what? The Cubs are TERRIBLE and it would serve a greater purpose to allow Vitters to “try out” rather than hope Valbuena “SAVES THE OFFENSE”

There is very little that the Cubs can do to, “Save the offense”!!!

Why not trade DEMPSTER & SORIANO to BOST for Kevin Youkilis and his
4 million left… and put him at 3rd vs Valbuena
DEMP and YOUK salaries are a wash for this year… but we need to pick-up
most of SORIANOs 2012 & all of 2013

Youk would add some professionalizzzzzm in the field and at bat!!!!

Right Isabel, so why not forget about correcting, saving, bolstering the offense and instead find out what Vittters can do? Competing with Stewart’s numbers shouldn’t be that difficult. Youkilis will only help a terrible team win a few more insignificant games. Oh well….go Vlabuena!!!! (hey, at least we get to see another minor leaguer even if it’s not the thirdbaseman of the futures)

Let’s just hope for the best and that there is something good that will happen…maybe we will start doing good for now on! Go Vlabuena!!!…(and Go Barney!!!)🙂

Go Valbarney!!!

Haha…how about JUST Barney!!!😀

Im just playing. Go Valbarney!!!!!!!!!😀

Now that the Cubs DFA’d Koyie Hill….can we please NEVER see him on the playing field again, unless making an out for another team….

I think Hill will probably be brought in as a coach, most likely for their farm system. And Boston is definitely not one of the clubs looking at Soriano. I think Minnesota, Oakland, and Seattle are the best bets for taking Soriano, and I don’t see us getting a third baseman in the deal. Most likely someone in the outfield with a strong arm, you know, like a young Soriano. Hey if this Valbuena guy works out maybe we can put him at second and get rid of Barney. lol jk. Go Cubbies. Gotta keep Detroit under .500 lol at this point we’re just a spoiler for other teams.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! DONT EVER SAY THAT JESSE!!! NO ONE can ever replace Barney! And if they did replace him, I would be that teams fan just because of him! (Even if he Went to the Soxs!!)

Vitters isn’t ready yet… plain and simple… he is just starting to get the hang of AAA and has gotten off to a pour start everytime he has been promoted. Just let him get his ABs at AAA before bringing him up. Why can’t we see what we got in Cardenas and Valbuena before Vitters? Maybe we got something in them and could use Vitters as a trade piece. Isabell the whole barney thing is getting old……

To Jesse, o.k. Hill in a minor league Cub uniform as a coach is acceptable as he does seem to have a good head for the game just no offense. Hey, maybe Soriano can be the roving minor league defensive coach? He can go around showing films of his career and explain to the kids….”no this is what you DON’T want to do in the field”.
(Go Barney! Go Isabel!)

Hey Isabel…there goes your BARNEY again!!! lead off single when we’re down by one. He is a valuable player for sure!!

Barney producing again. Maybe he should be thrown in the third spot. lol and I don’t think Castro is gonna reach 200 hits this year if he keeps playing like this.


He helped us get our FIRST run in!!!!🙂

OOPS! I guess Valbuena took care of that already….and Vitters couldn’t make the call up??? I know one game does not make for a proper judgement but the point is Valbuena is not the AAA thridbaseman that should have been called up. It should have been Vitters given the opportunity to hit into a DP…or NOT….

Barney – Barney – Barney!! I’m with you Isabel. His defense is great. His hitting is getting better and better. He is steady and trustworthy and is a definite keeper. He is a smart player. I also liked seeing Valbueno in the lineup today. He and Barney made a great double play. I hope they keep him playing at 3rd. Valbueno, Castro and Barney make a great infield defense.

I know right!? That is what I’ve been saying!!!🙂 but Valbueno was REALLY good too! I think our infield is doing better, now we just need some more runs!!! Go Cubs!😀

I really hope this Valbueno guy produces so they can keep Mather in the outfield. He has not been too great with the infield defense. Boston’s slipping, hopefully Cubbies can take series. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Barney at top of the lineup.

Are we watching the same Valbuena? What did I miss that made valbuena REALLY good? He turned a doubleplay and….??? Sorry Isabel but he did not show much in his ONE game. He must be cute then??? Sure, he would be a big improvement over the utility player Mather at third base (and maybe even Stewart) so keeping him for defense is o.k. but to count on him as a producer at third base is a little premature. He’s only up here out of desperation because evidently Vitters is not impressing anybody, I guess. Vlabeuna is not up because of merit.

Your right, I was just happy that he was better then Mather. I know he wasn’t the best but at least better then Mather. That was all I really wanted. But dont worry I did see the same game and I saw him make some mistakes… I messed up, he wasn’t REALLY good, just o.k. but I saw Barney’s numbers and he was 2 for 3!🙂

OK then…….GO BARNEY!!!

•The Orioles and Blue Jays have both been scouting the Cubs, reports Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago. Levine specified that Baltimore was looking at the Cubs’ starting pitchers and Alfonso Soriano. Oh, if only this comes true!!!!! The removal of the clog that is LF will open the gates for the REAL rebuilding process.

I just hope they don’t trade Garza! He’s my favorite starting pitchers that we have!!!

I unfortunately think Garza will be going. Probably not by deadline, but after the season ends. I don’t want him to but I think the only starter we’ll be seeing next year is Samardzija. Garza will probably be going back to an AL team so as not to worry about his horrendous K per AB. Gonna miss him though, I always liked watching his energy in the dugout, he just seems to be more into the game.

I know right!? Thats Why I like him too. Even of there losing he’s ALWAYS in the dug out laughing or singing. I’ll miss him too!

Agreed. Let’s hope we get a decent couple of prospects for Garza that will see the majors next year. Garza, a good pitcher but really there was no reason for Hendry to trade for him in the first place. I think Travis Wood will return with Samardzija, he seems to be coming along latley. Maholm will too as we will need some bodies to fill out the rotation?

I’m good with keeping on Wood and Maholm. I think with the “rebuilding” whatever they have going on Maholm might be traded for some prospects though.

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