6/15 Place your bets

Ryan Dempster is $500 richer Friday after winning a bet with Tony Campana. The wager? Who would hit the first triple.

“When I first got here last year, he bet me he would hit a triple before I did,” Campana said. “He did. Today was the first one for both of us. When I made the bet with him, I thought it would be the easiest money I’d make in my whole life. I didn’t think Adrian Gonzalez would be playing right field and dive and miss the ball. He got me.”

Dempster tripled with one out in the second, the second of his career and first since 2002. Campana reminded Dempster of the wager.

“I think I would’ve gotten away with it if I didn’t say anything,” Campana said.

The Cubs speedy outfielder was so confident he would get the triple first, he tried to raise the wager. Don’t think Campana will be placing any more bets, not even as to who would get the most steals.

“With my luck, he’d somehow steal four in a game and beat me there, too,” Campana said.

Dempster was all smiles.

“I try to spread my triples out every 10 years,” he said. “I was excited to finally get to utilize my wheels. Campana and I had a bet for first triple and I won. Imagine that. I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

 — Carrie Muskat

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