6/19 Cubs lineup

Bryan LaHair is in right field again and David DeJesus in center in Tuesday’s second game against the White Sox. Travis Wood is pitching. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF

Castro SS

LaHair RF

Soriano DH

Clevenger 1B

Barney 2B

Valbuena 3B

Soto C

Campana LF

— Carrie Muskat


Many of us WANT Campana to stay! Cubs need him.

I’m a big Campana backer but even I realize the need for more potent bats. Campana may still (and should be) used quite regularly as a spot starter, pinch runner, pinch hitter (when we need a sac bunt or bunt single) etc. Until the propped up Soriano is removed to the AL (for both partie’s good) Campana will be stuck on the bench when Rizzo arrives (a good thing!!) and may remain there if and when Jackson arrives (a good thing!!!) so we might as well accept the fact Campana makes the bench stronger while Rizzo (and Jackson) makes the everday line up stronger.

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