6/24 Pitching matchups

The Cubs return home Monday to open a six-game series against the Mets. Here are the pitching matchups:

Monday: LHP Travis Wood (1-3, 4.14) vs. LHP Johan Santana (5-3, 3.00)

Tuesday: RHP Randy Wells (1-2, 4.91) vs. RHP Dillion Gee (5-5, 4.27)

Wednesday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (5-6, 4.34) vs. LHP Jonathan Niese (5-3, 3.75)

— Carrie Muskat 


Does it really matter who the cubs put out there on the mound? No one is hitting at all. The only thing they are doing is striking out . They might as well wait until next year to bring up Rizzo. Until this team decides to hit , it would be a wast of time and talent.

“The only thing they are doing is striking out”??? Have you even watched a game or took some time to look at the stats?
The SO is 1 of the 3 offensive stats where the cubs are NOT in the bottom 10 (15th – 4th in 3B and 11th in SB). They are on par with the Reds (550 K’s) and better than the White Sox and Cardinals (555 K’s).
The big problem with the offense is the hits with RISP

With that way of thinking we might as well send Castro, Barney, Dempster and Garza to AAA to improve THAT team? Are not the few good players on the Cubs ALSO wasting THEIR talent? That’s insane to keep a very promising and productive player in the minors just so not to waste his talent. Bring up Rizzoa AND ANYBODY else that can improve a bad major league team, thereby having a BETTER major league team. It also will give Rizzo a chance to acquant himself with the rest of the major league team, espeically his infield partners Castro and Barney, both of who will probably return next season. Giving steven a break, I do think his comment is born of his frustration and he is just making a point, and is not serious….right steven?

I have been a cubs fan since 1955, My idol was Ernie Banks. They have a 1st baseman who cant hit left handers. In fact the whole team has problems with left handed pitching. Most of the team are other teams cast offs. Mather, Dejesus, Stewart, Maholm, etc. The manager is doing the best he can with what he has, which is not much. Most ofr the team is good field no hit. All of the preseason predictions were ” a lot of losing”. They need to back up the bus and get rid of most of the team.

1 more day….. Rizzo is heading to Chicago and should be in uniform tomorrow… YES YES YES

I agree steven, that is why I am not pleased with Hoystein thinking he HAD to acquire DeJesus and Stewart for example, not when we had the warm bodies on hand in Tyler Colvin (LF) and Anybody Willdo (3B) Even Vitters would have been at least acceptable….as much as Gary Scott was….HA! BUT…we must consider that Hoystein will be much different than Hendry and NOT handicap the team with long contracts for misplaced veterans. At least DeJesus is short term and “dumpable” if need be. But he is Hoystein’s version of Hendry’s Byrd….a not needed player.

I meant (RF) for Colvin

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