6/25 Cubs lineup

Once again, the Cubs have to face a left-handed starter, and this one will be tough. On Monday, the Mets send Johan Santana against the Cubs in the series opener at Wrigley Field. The Cubs are 3-16 against lefty starters so far. Travis Wood has posted quality starts in three of his four starts this month, and has a 2.92 ERA in June. He is facing a Cy Young winner for the fourth time on Monday. So far, Wood has gone head to head against Barry Zito, Justin Verlander and Jake Peavy. Monday’s Mets starter, Johan Santana, is No. 4. Reed Johnson has a .520 career batting average against Santana, the highest for any player with at least 25 at-bats against him.

Here’s the lineup:

Johnson RF

Barney 2B

Castro SS

Soriano LF

Baker 1B

Soto C

Mather CF

Valbuena 3B

T. Wood P

— Carrie Muskat


I saw the Cubs in Phoenix yesterday and I was disgusted. They aren’t even trying to win.It’s a fluke when they get on base. They have given up. If I were management, I’d bench all of them and bring up the Triple A guys. The Cubs should be ashamed of themselves. And to think that they are getting paid for this. The rest of us with real jobs would be let go if our performance and effort was like that of the Cubs. I won’t be to another game until I see some effort. Maybe we should boycott the Cubs until they start trying
It’s been a pleasure watching the College World Series in Omaha. The players actually give 100% the whole 9 innings!

You probably shouldn’t be going to any of the Cubs games. They certainly
don’t need your negative vibes at the games. They are definitely trying to
get out of this losing streak and are working hard to do so. They are
giving their 100% – now we as the Cub’s fans can give our !00% support.

We really should understand as fans there is a BIG difference between effort and talent. I think all the players ar TRYING to win but the talent and instinct isn’t good enough. Just like I truly believe Sorina TRIES to be a good outfielder yet despite his effort he remains a suspect outfielder. He and others may be trying very hard to lay of terrible pitches, realize how many outs there are, throw the ball to the correct base but again the talent and instinct to achieve a hi caliber of play is OBVIOUSLY MISSING. Hoystein is at the beginning stages of correcting this by acquiring all around better players, they just may not see the major league club for some time as the better players will go through the proper instruction in the minor legues. Unless of cours Hoystien trades for YOUNG but ML ready players such as he did by trading for Rizzo. And even he has yet to prove himself in the ML, but he is “ready” as he’ll ever be considering his numbers at AAA

Have you watched a game lately? Negative vibes? What drug are you on? These are supposed to be professionals. I’d expect this from a bunch of little league players that are discouraged and have given up. The Cubs don’t even run hard to 1st base. Not having talent is one thing but giving 100% is another. I wish Harry was alive to call it the way is.
The veteran players are not setting a good example. You don’t need to have talent to try hard.

I have watched every single game this year. Yes, I am on drugs for
multiple schlerosis. Any other snide questions? As for talent on the team.
Have you watched Barney at 2nd base? He has had 57 errorless games to
date and also makes incredible catches. AND he knows where to be on the
field at all times. Castro is showing great improvement in his defense. I
can tell that he is trying very hard on his foot placement, etc. Valbueno is
making strong plays at 3rd base. DeJesus has right field covered well. As
for not trying – These guys and others are trying 100% as are many of
the others. AND there is talent on this team. If there are some players who
are not up to snuff, fine, send them down. But we can build on the ones
like Barney, Castro, etc. I will continue to watch every game to root
these Cubs on.

White your SO right about our players! So happy that there all doing so good! And Especially my awesome BARNEY!!! He’ll beat Fontinots(?) record!!!😀

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How would you know the players arent giving 100%??? Ive never seen you on the field playing with them, working everyday to improve your skills! You dont know if there having some problems that there going through or if there ok! There not doing great but US there fans Should be supporting them. And if you dont like them or you were disgusted…then dont be a fan! Go cheer for another team like the Yankees because they have a good record! To be a Cubs fan you ALWAYS belive in them EVERY year! And those Who dont arent true fans (kinda like YOU!) We have young players and in another year they will be great! Castro, Lahair, Campana, Valbuena, and of coarse BARNEY!!! Have you ever heard of that saying “If you dont have ANYTHING nice to say, dont say anything at all.”? Well…that Should be your motto when you talk about the Cubs.
And you shouldn’t be saying anything about “Are you on drugs or something?” for two reasons. One, you dont know if someone REALLY is on them (Sorry White!) And two, it just isnt right!

Yeah, the drug comment was petty and un called for. However none of us (yes, including you Isabel) have any grounds to claim what a “true” fan to be. There is way too much involved to have any ONE fan decide who a TRUE fan to be. Lisa, with her varying opinions of some players is a much a fan as any of us. Just DIFFERENT.
There are fans that would prefer somebody other than Barney at 2B (Oh!) and there is myself who prefer somebody other than Soriano in LF, we are still fans!!!
And I admit, Soriano is having a good offensive year and I STILL want him replaced because of he isn’t a GOOD OUTFIELDER, adequate at best, certainly not GOOD.

Drugs are not medication, drugs are PCP, Pot, etc-it’s a figure of speech. My point is that the Cubs have talent but are not putting forth 100% effort every game.

Lisa, I have so much to learn.

Okay your right. Im not the one that Should be saying What a “true” fan Should be. So I’m sorry Lisa…and joeydafish…now I think I just got mad because I saw that Lisa said She was disgusted! That I think just got me angry!!!…but a fan Is a fan… But joeydafish I have a question for you. Isn’t Soriano our DH?…What does that mean then?…like What does it mean to be a DH?…but we Should ALL be happy!!! Rizzo is Coming today!!!😀

Huh…? Soriano is our DH only when playing in AL ballparks. The man was born to be a FULL TIME DH but the genius that Hendry was saw in Soriano a man capable of PLAYING LEFT FIELD FOR 8 YEARS. Despite every other team he has ever played for constantly trying to find a way to MINIMIZE his defensive exposure, Hendry MAXIMIZED it. Nobody would have thought that a good fit for either Soriano OR the Cubs. I certainly am happy that Rizzo has been brought up as this truly signifies the actual start of the line up and position shuffle INCLUDING a ramped up effort to get Soriano to the AL (for his good as well as the Cubs’) which COULD lead to the arrival (premature or not) of Jackson! Even LaHair (my guy!) is on notice to perform well as an outfielder or he too may be traded for prospects. Not to worry Isabel I think Barney is a player that Epstein will want to keep for quite a while!!
He is a smart, instincitve, young, athletic player whith very good defensive skills and just enough offensive skills to make the opposing pitcher worry a little.

Oh Okay THANKS! I never understood the DH with Soriano…but I think I understand it a little more…and your favorite player is Lahair!? Yea he’s good and is TALL!!! And I hope your right about Epstein wanting to keep Barney! And I don’t know about you…but I’M SO EXCITED RIZZO’S COMING! I like Lahair in the outfield with DeJesus, and Campana (and Johnson). And I just hope Rizzo is better then Baker.

This on MLB Trade Rumors, apparently I have a lot in common with “teams”. Who would have thought I am not alone in thinking Soriano is NOT and outfielder? Vindication…again.

•Teams see Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs as a designated hitter, not an outfielder, Heyman writes. One general manager says the Cubs could trade Soriano if they absorb all but $2MM of his contract. The Cubs are indeed willing to pay a “very substantial portion” of the $45MM or so remaining on the contract, Heyman writes. One scout suggested the Rays could be a fit for Soriano, who seems willing to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a deal to a contender.

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