6/27 Day 2 for Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo will stay in the No. 3 spot in the Cubs lineup as far as Dale Sveum is concerned.

“You want to get some stability in this lineup,” Sveum said Wednesday. “You call people up who are going to be here a long time, you just want to leave them alone. [Starlin] Castro and [Rizzo], we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to keep moving things around because then you can’t protect this guy or that guy, and it snowballs into another problem. We’re commited to this lineup and lefties will be what they are. Those two guys will be in the same spot from now on.”

Castro has batted .311 in 24 games in the No. 2 spot and .296 in 50 games in the No. 3 spot this season.

Rizzo, 22, was able to get his pregame work done without being followed by cameras on Wednesday, and said he didn’t think it would be difficult to maintain his routine.

“It’s just about getting comfortable now,” he said. “It’s just going day by day and working my tail off.”

What about wearing No. 44? That was the number the Cubs assigned him in Spring Training. He wore No. 27 with the Padres.

“Forty-four, they gave it to me in Spring Training, and it grew on me,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat

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What a novel idea, it just took him three months to realize he doesn’t want to move things around and leave some guys alone….amazing it took JUST Rizzo 9what a coincidence) for him to do this??? He should have left Castro in the same spot all year and left LaHair in the line up all year. Lot of head shaking going on out year because at times it seems like we fans are getting fed the same old same old….Evidently Jeff Baker isn’t the almighty savior vs. lefties…just look at the team’s record. Could it have been THAT much worse if LaHair Started instead of Baker? Really? Or Campana instead of Mather??? Well, at least we can tune in every now and then to see who has been shipped out and how Rizzo is fairing, other than that we can all catch up around the house…

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