6/27 Extra bases

* Jeff Samardzija is smart enough to know when he doesn’t have good command of his pitches but on Wednesday, the Cubs pitcher couldn’t make the adjustment fast enough. Samardzija gave up nine runs over 4 1/3 innings in the Cubs’ 17-1 loss to the Mets. It was the most lopsided loss since they dropped an 18-1 game to the Brewers on Aug. 2, 2010. Samardzija (5-7) is now 0-4 with a 12.27 ERA in his last four games, and has not won since May 29.

“I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t concern,” Dale Sveum said. “The execution of pitches hasn’t been good for four or five starts now. It could be confidence, it could be mechanical, it could be all of the above. The magic question is, which one is it? There’s a number of things sometimes — is it the concentration level, trusting your stuff? When he gets in trouble, he doesn’t get strike one either. That’s a big thing. Today, we didn’t get strike one too often.”

Samardzija wasn’t pleased, and not just because of his own won-loss record. The Cubs had a chance to sweep the Mets.

“I want to win, especially after winning the first two games and playing how we played as a team,” he said. “We played great baseball and our offense put up the runs we needed to put up and our pitchers did great. I’m not concerned as a whole, I’m just upset as a competitor and a teammate. … Letting them down isn’t what I’m about and it doesn’t sit well with me. As a whole, you have to look at the big picture. There are things you need to learn and there’s only one way to learn sometimes and that’s to get kicked in the rear a little bit.”

* Starlin Castro leads all NL shortstops with 93 hits and a .301 batting average.

* The Cubs are 4-17 against left-handed starters.

* Rizzo watch: Anthony Rizzo was 1-for-4 with a double off Jonathon Niese. He’s now batting .375.

“He had some good swings today and was on every pitch and shortened up and hit a double off the wall,” Sveum said. “He’s doing fine. He hasn’t done anything that we didn’t expect so far. He’s had a quality at-bat every at-bat besides the last one.”

The last at-bat came with a runner on in the eighth. At that point, the Cubs needed more than two touchdowns to win.

— Carrie Muskat 


Wow thats WOW either way ; we our worse
then any other team! we our wicked badd
Theo ! I wonder if the new batting coach is feeling that bond w these horse**** players excluding Rizzo and a few others. I wonder if Lee Elia could give a pep talk to this team.
I want to go record that after the Cubs go down by 10 or more I leave Wrigley or turn off the game. The Mets lost the series but Won the rt to pour it on and beat this team 17 To 1 ! Wake Up
Chicago Cubs this is really a bad team.

I posted my comment @ 10pm not 3am!

All times are in UTC and not in your local time zone

I think after giving up five runs and it doesn’t look like he is getting his command he should have been sent to an earlier shower.

I am sick of people making fun of my choice of being a die hard Cubs fan. Comments made to me, “maybe next year or the year after that or that………”, “how you like the Cubs now?”. I am still going to be that die hard fan, no matter if they are stuck in the basement. Sure everyone out there has an opinion on what’s working, changes that should be made and to top it off negative comments about players, coaches and front office management. But that’s all they got, is an opinion. Nothing wrong with that. I was taught that we all have one and should be heard whether we agree or not. We need to get behind our cubbies no matter if at the end of day we see our flag with a W or not. Let’s get out there and support our beloved team!

I think the fact we KEEP commenting regardless of negative or positve comments shows that we ALL are indeed die hard Cubs fans. The Cubs MEAN so much to us that we do not walk away from this blog, the team or the game. As Brian pointed out all we fans have are opinions, that’s it. We have no say or control on how to improve this horrid (opinion!) team. What we have left is just our voices. BUT WE ARE STILL HERE. WE STILL CARE. In my OPINION Brian you ARE a die hard Cubs fan!! Whether you leave a game early or not as you are entitled to express your Cubs loyalty any way you want…our loyalty should never be in question. When these comments wane and go away…THEN there is concern. Way too early early to be grading Epstein on his choices of GM and Manager, although Sveum would be the one that begs questioning regarding who HE decides to play as it does seem he is not playing the most talented players the majority of the time????? A love affair with Baker, Mather, Valbuena and Soriano is not what this team needs in 2012 rather a vetting process of the players that MAY factor next season such as LaHair in RF FULL TIME and OPEN auditions at 3B INCLUDING Vitters, Valbuena and ???? as Stewart is obviously not to be counted on. Sveuem may be doing a dis-service by thinking match-ups and leaving Soriano in for the entire game “in case he hits a homerun” is what is needed to win…a…lousy…meaningless game????

Frustration often leads to anger and other negative emotions. When all is said and done; we will be here for our team. Brian and Joey know that, too. That is what Cub fans do.

For example: why would any FAN be happy with the way Sveum deems it necessary to match up right handed hitting, suspect BENCH players vs. EVERY PITCHER that even THINKS about throwing left handed? The record vs. lefties is terrible doing it the “match up” way so he might as well play and stick with some REGULARS even though they bat left handed (LaHair! Campana!) as he is now doing with the sacred cow Rizzo. This strategy will of cours lead to negative comments such as this one. Doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. Well said Jim McBride. I remember Campana…wonder if Sveum does…?

Where can I sign up for two wins in each series and reserving all of our crappy pitching for the third game? Of course, I’d also like to sign up for awful defense from the opposition as well.

I wouldn’t care if we lost the last game 47-1, at least the Cubs won a series for a change. Baby steps. Go team (and thanks for the defense, Mets).

Well said RD. two out of three is not bad. I am proud of our Cubs, to be a die hard Cubs fan and loving it!

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