6/30 Rizzo gets 1st Cubs HR

The Cubs may have finally found their No. 3 hitter. Anthony Rizzo hit his first home run as a Cub in the fifth inning, a two-run shot to right, in the 3-2 win over the Astros.

“Four games, he’s got two game-winning hits,” Dale Sveum said of Rizzo. “The formula of winning close games is not just having a third hitter but [Nos.] three, four and five who accumulate three runs a game, and in time, it’s 600 runs they accumulate and that’s the difference in winning a lot of one-run games. You can talk about pitching, but big time teams and winning teams have their three, four, five hitters who accumulate 600 runs a year. Those one-run games can turn into wins, instead of losses.”

He also played solid at first, and made a nice throw home to get a runner in the third.

“Rizzo is very athletic over there,” second baseman Darwin Barney said. “You saw by the throw he made to home plate — he threw it right on the tag and threw it with velocity and I think that saved the game right there.”

Most fans will say it was Rizzo’s blast that was the highlight.

“I think a guy like him, he wants those RBIs, and he’s probably going to be a little more aggressive,” Sveum said. “He’s 22 years old — let’s not forget how young he is. Young hitters walking 100 times, it just doesn’t happen. For hitters, it takes some time for them to get to the 80 to 100 walk pace.”

And Rizzo’s take?

“It just feels good to get that win, and get that monkey off my back to get that home run,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat 



Great to see. Rizzo is the future. He`s the key piece right now of the Hoystein era. Let`s get more pieces and build a winner. I reckon that`s the plan. Unloading Garza and Dempster had better bring some young real deal prospects, not potential performers who wash out. I trust Hoystein are on the same page as I.

Any chance Soler will be in Peoria this summer?

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