7/1 Sveum on Sori: “He’s a wonderful guy”

Alfonso Soriano did not hit a home run in his first 30 games, but has 15 since May 15, the most in the National League. However, he was skipped over for the All-Star Game.

“The outfielders who are going obviously deserve it and the players voted,” Dale Sveum said. “But what Soriano has done for us and gone out there every day on those legs, to come back and lead all Major League Baseball in home runs since May 15 is a tribute to a wonderful guy. You wish somebody else would appreciate it once in a while.”

Was Soriano, a seven-time All-Star, upset by the snub?

“I’m not disappointed,” the 36-year-old outfielder said. “There are a lot of very good left fielders with very good numbers. If I don’t make it with the numbers I have, that means all the left fielders have better numbers.”

Plus, the time off will let him rest his left knee for a few days.

— Carrie Muskat


Soriano is pretty classy. People bash him because he makes so much money, but that’s not his fault. If Jim Hendry was going to give you that much money, anyone here would have done exactly the same thing and jumped at it. Also, I get the feeling that Soriano does have some positive influence on the clubhouse independent of his hitting.
Having said that, I’m still amongst the people that would like nothing more than to see Soriano traded for the purpose of clearing some room for players that might play a future role with the cubs. Again, to Soriano’s credit, he’s done a pretty reasonable job with the bat since he hit his first home run, and is helping to increase the chances that another team will trade for him.

I would like to have seen what Soriano could have done as an outfielder if he had had a decent position coach like McKay from the moment the Nationals put him out there.

YES! It makes you wonder what all the other coaches have been doing for the past 5-6 years…

Not the coaches’ fault. Soriano is only a “decent” outfielder right now and it took HIM this long to improve. Every team he was ever on searched for his least exposed positon…which is obbiously DH. I agree with insveum, Soriano is classy, hardworking..yada, yada, yada BUT as is evidenced by his Allstar “snub” HE IS NO ALL STAR OUTFIELDER (emphasis on ALLSTAR, duh) and his lack of even one error this year is not fooling the fans that voted or the players that voted. If it was an Allstar team of classy players then he would have made it. He certainlly was NOT snubbed. If Joe Dimaggio had better coaches…he would have been BETTTER? Coaches serve a purpose but talent is what makes the player for the most part. Soriano is a talented home run hitter and that’s just about all he is.

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