7/2 Stewart headed for surgery

Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart apparently has decided to have surgery on his left wrist. Late Sunday, Stewart said on his Twitter @Ian_Stewart_9 that the surgery would sideline him for six to 10 weeks. Asked by a fan when he was coming back to Wrigley, Stewart wrote, “Looks like next spring training if the cubs bring me back.”  Stewart has been slowed by soreness in his wrist, and in mid June, saw a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, who gave him a cortisone shot. However, he still had discomfort.

— Carrie Muskat


Good luck Ian Stewart! So sorry you have to go through surgery but
hope it is very successful for you. See you next year.

This is the best thing. Get it taken care of, come back even better next season. I think a lot of the problems he’s had this season can be traced to that wrist. This dude can seriously rock when he’s healthy.

Do you mean in a band Nick? Because I just looked at Stewart’s ML stats and even including 2009 when he hit 25 homeruns his career has been far from “rocking”.
A .228 BA and a .322 OBP to go along with those 25 homers certanly do not reflect well. In fact it appears that this trade will go in the books as a poor one as Tyler Colvin in limited play with the Rockies is hitting over .300 has 30 RBI and a higher OBP than Stewart I think Colvin’s numbers would have surpassed DeJesus’ numbers. We needed a rightfielder as much as a third baseman, had one in Colvin but traded him for just a suspect thirdbaseman all based on the tried and true “change of scenery” philosphy. Now we have the mediocre DeJesus with hardly any power or RBI potential for three years instead of the younger and more powerful Colvin. This move seems more like a Hendry move and is probably the most dissappointing thing Hoystein has done this season. A “makes no sense” type of roster adjustment. On top of this a post surgery Stewart may not be any better than the 2009 healthy Stewart. Stewart and DeJesus were certainly not head and shoulders above the options already on the roster and should not have been acquired. I think Hosytein panicked a little in trying to “replace” Ramirez with a player from outside the organization. Not good.

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