7/2 Stewart to have surgery

Ian Stewart will undergo surgery in the next week to 10 days on his left wrist and is likely done for the season. But the Cubs third baseman is relieved that doctors found something wrong. Stewart has been slowed by soreness in his wrist, and on June 18, saw a specialist, Dr. Thomas Graham, at the Cleveland Clinic, and received a cortisone shot. However, Stewart still had discomfort. A few years ago, Stewart had fractured a bone in his wrist, and Graham determined that another small bone was in contact with the larger one, and if removed, should alleviate the pain.

“In a way, it’s a good thing,” Stewart said Monday by phone from Chicago. “It’s a relief that something did did show up.”

He will have the procedure done at the clinic, which will be two phases, beginning with arthroscopic surgery. When could he return? Doctors said it might not be until early or middle September.

“You don’t know if there’s enough time [to play],” he said.

Stewart revealed he was going to have surgery late Sunday on his Twitter, @Ian_Stewart_9. Asked by a fan when he was coming back to Wrigley, Stewart wrote, “Looks like next spring training if the cubs bring me back.”

— Carrie Muskat


Stewart should take all the time he needs to recover. Take all of next season too. We are very comfortable with your replacement, Valbuena, and Josh Vitters is in the wings. I am very unhappy with the lack of production we received from Stewart. He was a bust. If he wants to go to another club when he`s ready, I wish the man all the best, but I do not trust him coming back to my team.

I second that opinion as even when Stewart was younger and “healthy” with the Rockies he was NOT any more promising a young player than was (is) Colvin. In other words….Stewart is your answer to third base Hoystein? Really? What are the chances Stewart comes back from surgery and miraculously plays better than when he was a Rockie? It COULD happen, but then again was Stewart really EVER an excellent thirdbaseman or hitter? Even if the unexpected Valbuena is NOT the answer for 2013 I somehow doubt Stewart is either.

i think it’s unlikely we see stewart again, at least in the same dugout. all of epstein’s moves in the offseason were of this variety: highly drafted, once promising, reasonably young players who had struggled to some degree but still held the possibility of high upside. if you can turn them around, great; if you can’t, cut them loose and move on. this was the formula with stewart, volstad, and to some extent wood. as of now wood is the only one whom the F.O. can be satisfied with. still, i think epstein and hoyer are smart enough to know when to cut their losses, as well as to see that valbuena is doing a good enough job at third to keep him in there. i doubt stewart was ever looked upon as the great hope for the future; rather, he was one of those players you take a shot with. i’m too lazy to check when his contract runs out, but even if/when he recovers from surgery i’d expect the cubs to move on without him.

Insveum, you are spot on. Wood may yet pan out and Stewart and DeJesus although completely unneccesary additions to the team they are not dreadful such as some of the previous GM’s acquistions. At least the risk was low and the reason for getting them was evident. The real proof in the pudding will be how Soler progresses along with the draft picks AND if they can move the resurging Soriano while the getting is good!!

“In a way, it’s a good thing,” Stewart said. Couldn’t agree more! IN a “keep you off the field” kinda way. Valbuena’s .210 avg is a huge improvement. (UGH). Wish you well in the Pacific Coast League in 2013

It will be interesting to see how Hoystein rebounds from what is arguably his worst, if not most questionalbe manuever to date as Stewart was Godawful bad whether due to a bad hand or overevaluated talent. Hoystein should have known better than to “rush” into replacing Ramirez at 3B with somebody outside the organization in what we all knew (AND UNDERSTOOD) was going to be a really bad season. There was just no need to make that trade as right now we could have the superior Colvin in the outfield instead of the “just happy to be here and have a job” DeJesus and given OUR OWN high draft pick a chance to evolve instead of the bust from Colorado. Not to mention DJ LeMehu (ok, ok, YOU spell it!) would have been every bit as “servicable” at 3B as anybody trotted out there to date. Oh well, at least Hoystein didn’t give up the farm for Stewart AND….he DIDN’T fall in love with MILTON BRADLEY!!! HA!

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