7/8 Castro ready for All-Star Game

Starlin Castro tuned up for the All-Star Game by hitting a three-run home run on Sunday. While some of his teammates were headed to LaGuardia to catch a flight to the Dominican Republic, Castro was bound for the All-Star Game in Kansas City.

“I don’t want to go home,” Castro said. “It’s not rest. You’ve seen the commercials [for the All-Star Game]. It’s not a break. I want to be in the All-Star game every year. I’ve got time to be in my house in October and rest. Now, I don’t need it.”

Castro does lead all National League shortstops in hits with 100, but finished the trip 6-for-26. Sveum would like to see the youngster make some adjustments at the plate, especially with his leg kick and timing, but called those “winter projects.”

“Right now, he is what he is,” Dale Sveum said. “The bat speed and power are there. The pitch selection and timing of that leg kick won’t always dictate consistency. He’ll get his hits because of his hand-eye coordination. The home runs will come with better pitch selection.”

What his teammates have noticed is better focus.

“Obviously, he’s not turning around and looking in the outfield [to see] where pitches are going this year, so that’s always a good step,” Ryan Dempster said jokingly, referring to a moment last season when Castro was caught on camera looking away. “He’s making his strides and his ability to read the plays. When the pitcher is going inside, he’s moving around and he’s turning double plays and his range is great and obviously, he can hit. When you’re the shortstop, you’re the leader of the defense and he’s taken over that role.”

— Carrie Muskat 


Oh Starlin, I love ya, but could you please say November next time.


All Star game….White Collar….Storage Wars…..busy night for flipping channels.

All Star Game is over……now for the trades to begin……..Theo & Co. will go after the best prospects…..everyone knows the Cubs have the “key” players to help any playoff team out there…..Any Hamels & Greinke trade will come to the very end….but some teams will not be able to wait and jump on Garza and Dempster before then…..Maholm & Marmol may also be gone……..Do not get your hopes high on a Soriano trade.

one we won’t be trading for Grienke or Hamels…. not when we could just outbid everyone at the end of the season and keep our spects………. I would say just don’t get your hopes up and a bunch of trades happening. I would bet 2 trades happen…. we can’t do everything at once

Cubs talk: One,I don’t know why anybody would take your comment that THE CUBS will be trading FOR Geinke and or Hamels when you made it perfectly clear to those of us who can read that you meant that some teams may not be able to wait (and risk losing) for Greinke or Hamels and will pursue Garza and or Dempster sooner.
Two, but some of us KNOW IT ALL and presume any comment to be either stupid or HATEFUL….I guess. Anyway, you bring up a very good point….for those of us who are capable of understanding it….

Cubs are not going after Hamels or Grienke…..some of these other playoff teams might look at Garza or Dempster as their first option……The Brewers gave up many good players to get Grienke…and will want three or four top notch prospects in return…..not worth it if Grienke leaves that team that traded for him after this season…..Hamels is a California guy, and he will sign with a West Coast team no matter what in 2013…..no team will trade for him and pay the asking price by the Phillies.

New trade rumors going on with various clubs involving Maholms & LaHair.

Theo wants a major second baseman prospect in return in any Barney trade.

Rays still looking at Soto.

I like to see Cubs trade Dempster first, so he does not end up on the DL again. I don’t think he will….. Dempster wants to be in the playoffs again before it is too late.

can you cite or link some of these rumors so the rest of us might be able to read up on them?

try mlbtraderumors.com

give me Justin Upton anyday of the week….. Garza, Lahair, Jackson and Lake for Justin Upton…….. 2/3/4 looks like this Castro, Rizzo, and Upton……… that is 3 guys who can play together for the next 7 years EASY

Reds & Cubs talking trade with David DeJesus according to FOX Sports.

Good, DeJesus was a completley unnecessary acquistion during these trying times. Just clogging up the system for players that may be around for the next 8-10 years.
Ala Marlon Byrd.

Soriano had a great day at the plate. There is a team that can use his service. I believe Theo can sell Soriano to a A.L. playoff bound team as a DH.

soriano has been doing all he can to help his value lately. given that the cubs are almost certainly willing to take on some of his salary to help a trade, i think there’s a very good chance that another team brings him on board before the end of the month.
i’m not sold on upton (he’s having a lousy year), but all those guys mentioned are definitely expendable.
all in all the cubs are in a great spot, though. there should be no remaining delusion remaining about them being good enough to compete this year, unlike some teams that are almost forced to try and do something to compete for a wild card. pitching-wise the farm system is almost dry (especially at the higher levels), so by giving up on this season, theo and jed have a great opportunity to get a decent amount of impact pitching talent for all these chips they hold (dempster, garza, maholm, dejesus, soriano, lahair, soto).

Soriano sure has exceeded my expectations except for the expectation that he would “find it” way too late to help the team that gave him one of the most ludicrous contracts in baseball history. Too bad he didn’t show up in the playoffs. Oh well we take what is given us (Soriano sure did) so with Soriano’s good hitting this year along with his ability to hide his defensive liabilities along with the entire organization and media propping him up as legit outfielder (ha!) maybe, just maybe Hoystein IS good enough to dump him and his rapidly aging/deteriorating knees? Let’s face it, no matter how “good” Soriano appears THIS season it is the next two seasons that will matter more to the Cubs and him being gone would be the best thing to truly begin the road to sustained success. I wish Soriano as much success as possible in his golden years and I wish just as much he gets that success on another team.

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